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  1. Thanks HedgeBird, There is much truth in your last statement. And I know that most consumers will not notice the difference between "Distilled" and "Produced" but I want the dang credit for all those long days, at least from our peers. This revelation result in another question: Do I need to resubmit COLA if the only thing on the bottle changing is "Distilled" to "Produced"?
  2. We are making a 100% Corn Vodka from scratch and everyone that makes vodka from scratch knows it is a time killer. Luckily people like our vodka and as we begin to max out our production ability we are thinking of ways to stretch the quality product that we have. Our question is: If we blend our 100% Corn Vodka (55-60%) with another 100% Corn Vodka from a bigger company (40-45%) what would we have to change on our label. With straight vodka there is no Formula process so I called TTB Labeling and they sent me to Formula. No one at the TTB was much help, hopefully I can get some on the for
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