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  1. Hi everyone, We make a black currant Liqueur. We ferment the fruit, add brandy, and our sweetener. We are now on batch three, and find that our batch one has a slightly deeper flavor. One big difference is that it rested in stainless for almost 3 months before bottling where as batch two had virtually no time in tank. I’ve tried to find some the science behind ageing in stainless tanks but I am coming up short. I know that Time in stainless tanks does alter the spirit but I don’t fully appreciate how and therefore I don’t know how long I should be doing it, if I should be doing it or if it is complete Hocus pocus. If this has been already discussed, please quickly toward that Thread however I was unable to find this exact answer! I appreciate any and all comments that this conversation generates! Thank you, Jeremiah
  2. Hello all I know there have been other discussion threads talking about stripping in a mash tun. I have a 4000 L mash and a 1300 L Kothe hybrid still. Right now, we are finding that our stripping runs are one of the weak links in increasing production. We have done some preliminary investigation on modifying our mash to become a stripping still of considerable size. Does anyone out there have specific experience with this size of Still/tank? Or does anyone have specific experience with this brand.? Any advice you could provide would be much helpful! Thank you all in advance, jeremiah
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