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  1. Do you run these in a circular manner via: CIP only or do you heat and ever push cleaner through deflag's and condensers?
  2. Mike I have a new never used 200 gallon steam jacket kettle with combo 2 - 6 plate columns. You can run it as a 6 plate or a 12, perforated plate column. It has a all stainless over sized condenser. I can send pictures if you'd like? Make me an offer. I'm sure it would be far less than what you could get from anywhere else.
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation for a labeler for applying labels to a bottle that has a pedestal style base? Ex: the base is larger than the rest of the bottle. I've tried Primera and it won't adjust well enough and wants to climb the drive roller since it's not spinning the bottle 'true.'
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