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  1. I do purchase through Ultra Pure and I did bark up their tree...a lot. They did credit me for one barrel. Regards MGP- they shipped the barrels and they do the bill of lading and they knew the barrels were empty when they loaded them. The driver who delivered them told me they were empty and he does not handle barrels for a living.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has ever purchased barrels of aged product from MGP and gotten completely empty barrels. I buy the barrels through Ultra Pure and I purchased 5 barrels of 2016 bourbon. When they arrived 2 of the 5 barrels were BONE DRY- not even damp. The barrels were pallet stored (filled through the head) and the barrels were produced by Speyside cooperage in Ohio. I have had another barrel from Speyside that leaked so bad I had to move the product to another barrel. From every one I talk to MGP will normally make this situation right but after a month and a half they said "to
  3. Sorry they are Tacopal barrels from Portugal but they say "USA" on the head. They came from MGP (Ultra Pure) with bourbon so I have to assume they are using American white oak.
  4. I have 18 barrels of MGP rye (95% rye) that is the same as Bullet and many other top brands. It is just over 2 1/2 years old. Asking $2500 per barrel. The barrels are made by Kelvin Cooperage in Louisville and #3 char. Also have 25 barrels of the MGP 21% rye that is also just over 2 1/2 years old. Asking $2200 per barrel. Some of these are in Kelvin barrels and some in barrels from Mexico. # 3 char. Both of these taste great and much older than the age. Bourbon is located in Kentucky.
  5. Just FYI if you read the report on Silver Trail you would see one thing in particular that does not make sense. The manufacturer of the still said it was rated at 8 psi I think it was. The still had a 150 psi WATER HEATER pressure relief valve!! The report did not say who installed the PR valve but I am guessing the distillery. Most small still guys will not install safety equipment to avoid the liability. A still should be an OPEN system and the pressure will not go above maybe 1/4 psi. It is necessary to have some pressure to move the vapor through but it will not go above 1/2 psi unle
  6. The trouble with most codes is they are not written for craft distillers. The other trouble is most people (inspectors) do not know the code and due to some incidents like the JB fire and Heaven Hill and Wild Turkey they look at alcohol like it is gasoline! It is NOT. I had the fire dept come out and they said they tried to light a barrel on fire and poured diesel on it and it still would not burn! Now lightning...that is a different animal. If you find an intelligent and sensible inspector they will know that ethanol does not burn even close to gasoline. But even in Kentucky there are n
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