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  1. No I havent. But now I kinda want to start smoking again.
  2. Im not much for cigars anymore. I recently quit smoking cigarettes and every time I have a cigar I end up buying a pack of smokes. I do however miss my trips to Hati when I was in the Corps and could get Espenditoes (sp) on the cheap. Im currently sitting in my far too small garrage picking apart the grainbill and aging in Booker's uncut and unfiltered. Im normally not a big fan of rye in bourbon. But its pretty decent and I like the cask strength at this cost. Sorry for the multiple posts. I kinda started posting before I read all the respons
  3. Oh and whiskeytango. It depends on the state. In some states all you need is a federal fuel license. In others you have to go through courses and have to have inspections on your still fermenting equipment and what not. I am lucky enough to live in a state which while more restrictive than Mo is less so than many others.
  4. Sorry if I came off harsh. Been on a lot of forums where folks were more interested in questioning the legality than the methods I use. If that was not your intent then I apologize. Once bitten type thing I guess. Thougu I understand it. A lot of these forums have a large membership whos livelyhood relies on them doing it legally and know the hoops they had to jump through. There does seem to be a wealth of knowledge here. And I look forward to learning what yall get into. I am from the states and currently live in the midwest. But Ive lived in about 8 (I think) diffe
  5. Ive experimented with rums and brandy but never really developed a taste for them. Out of curiosity. Is this going to be the type of site where I spend more time trying to prove my legality than actually talking about and learning about this craft?
  6. After looking at some of the other hello threads I feel like I aught to expand on mine. I brew distill and age only for my own pleasure. Though I do it legally. I work a day job as an industrial mechanic. So my time to make my own whiskeys and whiskys is limited. And am always looking for better ways to do things.
  7. Hello folks. Just thought Id join up and get to know you folks a little bit. Ive been into this stuff off and on for around a decade and a half. While Im not new to it by any means I also dont pretend to know everything. So hopefully Ill be able to pick up lots of good information here.
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