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  1. Cleanliness is my main concern as well. I just know that contamination would become an issue here. What did you guys do in lieu of exhausting? Just keep up on cleaning the grain dust?
  2. So we are looking at some options to exhaust our Mash Tanks outside to help alleviate some grain dust collection and humidity build up in our facility. We currently use 1 tank and are in the process of adding another, and know that this will double the grain dust as well as the heat during milling/mashing. Does anyone have any good ideas/tips for this?
  3. Hey All, We are currently working on figuring out how to pump our fermented mash approximately 190ft to a still in an older production area. The mash is grain in so there are some solids. Does anyone have any experience with this? The piping we are looking to use is a 2in PVC. Should we anticipate clogging issues? Is there an easy way to clean out the lines or is the only option flushing water? Haven't been able to find much info here.
  4. TBalich

    Hemp Vodka

    I'm looking to make a hemp vodka by using the actual hemp in a mash and fermenting it. All of the research I've seen seems to indicate that hemp seed would be the best part of the plant to use, and most of the recipes seem to be 51% Hemp and 49% Corn or other grains. My guess is that this is because the starch conversion isn't as significant in just the hemp. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any tips on heading in the right direction here?
  5. We have a pretty decent sized hammer mill and have been noticing some whole grains getting through it without being crushed properly. We look at the bill screen and there aren't any holes or tears in it. Wondering how these grains might be getting through and if there is a way to prevent this. Seems like it would help our yields pretty significantly if we could crush more of the grain. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. We still have some racks available. Email me if interested.
  7. We have dozens of used 15g Western Square Barrel Racks available for $90 each. Located in Three Oaks, MI. We can ship them anywhere in the U.S. Please email thomas.balich@gmail.com if interested.
  8. We have several used Bourbon and Rye Whiskey barrels regularly for sale. These are 15 gallon barrels from The Barrel Mill used once. They are $125 each with quantity discounts beginning at 15 or more barrels purchased. We are located in Southwest Michigan and these can ship via freight or picked up by the purchaser. We also have some other barrels available from time to time including, Wheat Whiskey, Gin, and some 5 gallon barrels. Please contact me at thomas.balich@gmail.com if you are interested or have any questions.
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