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  1. Yes, got it. There ends up being a step more with transfer of received alcohol for storage into one of the controlled spaces from an IBC arrival. Right now, this is how we have to operate. I'm working closely with AHJ, EE and others to tightly line up the process. Dalkita is incredibly helpful sifting through the codes and delivering info. Thanks for all weighing in.
  2. Will someone point us in the right direction for a replacement agitator? Lead-time is 4 months from Germany for this Kothe still.
  3. In our F-1 space we are working through the mechanics of process flow and need clarification on classification of an IBC of GNS 95% ABV. Is this considered a closed container and not count in the MAQ? I am sprinklered thus allowed to manage 240 gal in each control area under roof.
  4. Thank you! I will follow up with them.
  5. Thatch, Thanks for this. I'll review and check with the Electrical Engineer. Hopefully this will work!
  6. We continue to work through this issue as the wall vent placement is tricky. The bottom 4 -5 feet of the stairs is below ground level and I haven't been able to locate the sensor to activate a fan. If anyone can point me in the direction of a supplier I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. Who does everyone recommend for printing labels?
  8. Rolling/locking cantilever stairs are already in place (not a standard ladder - thanks for the correction), but the situation is more about space limitations than cost in an urban location. There is also a local malt house that mills nearby. I had an electrical engineer raise the question about spark control when dumping in bags of milled grain. Yes, it's a chore but in order to make room, the mill had to go.
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