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  1. What company makes the Stillhouse cans?
  2. Looks like: https://www.cnshining.com/product-category/aluminum-bottle might be able to help with your request.
  3. No, We have 4 control spaces each with 240 Gallons - total 960 under roof.
  4. Control Areas. We can't do outside tanks.
  5. Just checking to see what equipment folks are using for fire arresting in their vapor exhaust system. Our AHJ mentioned needing an arrester in our alcohol vapor exhaust path. Currently, there is an explosion proof exhaust fan in the high hat area to withdraw alcohol vapor during distillation. Stills have pressure relief valves and our alcohol storage tanks (Letina) have Vent-211 valves. Feedback appreciated....
  6. If there are secondary market barrel suppliers in the market, then they may know of someone offering this type of product. I know I've seen them but not sure who makes them.
  7. This particular building is a metal shell, enclosed. I didn't want to H3 the entire space just a part of it.
  8. Can you place these containers inside of a non-firewalled building?
  9. It's really more for useable event space upstairs with a kitchen which is on the second floor above the distillery. Kitchen on the same floor at the event space. The space is firewalled without sprinklers. Sprinklers may be a necessity I think in this arrangement but the stove is a gas range....hmmmm. Thoughts?
  10. Is anyone insulating or firewalling 20 ft containers within a warehouse space (not fire rated) to create a storage facility for filled barrel storage or small still footprint? Is this an option rather than having to 2 hour firewall or 1 hour firewall with sprinklers? I've seen foam insulated 20 ft containers with venting used for Barrel storage outside, but was wondering if you could create a "fire-rated" space internally with the containers.
  11. Maybe write to a producer of Sherry in Jerez.
  12. Does anyone have any guidance about a kitchen space area in a distillery? Can the kitchen be located upstairs from the distillery?
  13. Dave is a great resource for many facets of the TTB industry. He's gone a bit quiet but has announced his retirement. Not sure what the real stopping point is at the moment.
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