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  1. Rolling/locking cantilever stairs are already in place (not a standard ladder - thanks for the correction), but the situation is more about space limitations than cost in an urban location. There is also a local malt house that mills nearby. I had an electrical engineer raise the question about spark control when dumping in bags of milled grain. Yes, it's a chore but in order to make room, the mill had to go.
  2. Inside the production area containing fermentation tanks, 1000L still and 2000L still is a set of stairs downstairs to the boiler room/bathroom/storage area (steel door separation at bottom of stairs). An engineer was concerned about the settling of CO2 in the bottom of the stairwell. The stairwell is on an outside wall. Best way to manage this? My intention was to put a CO2 sensor in that area.
  3. There's a bit of re-working due to space limitations in our distillery and our mill is being relocated off-site. The plan is to hand load milled grain bags (50 lb sacks) into the mash tun. Yes, up the ladder and into the top of the 15 bbl tank. In the existing on-site mill room, which is being de-constructed, there is an exhaust fan which could be re-positioned about 4 feet. Thoughts on hand loading grain other, than that's a lot of physical work? I'm concerned about the sparking and approval.
  4. Fortunately, around lunchtime today, I got a call from Saver. Thanks though!
  5. I've reached out to Saver several times via email and left voice messages. Anyone have a more direct contact for Saver? Email and/or telephone for a regional sales rep in NC? Thanks.
  6. Of those who purchased a Corson Mash/Lauter Tun, did you receive a spec diagram? If you have one, would you please share? While it's a long shot, I'm trying to make this one work and avoid purchasing another mash tun.
  7. Maceration based on the type of botanicals seems to work best between 50-60%. However, based on your formulation, you might want to test various ABV% in small batches to achieve your desired flavor profile. While there are a lot of variables in making gin from GNS, it's all quite standard....maceration, vaporisation, etc. Plus a lot depends on your set-up and how you run your still.
  8. RMS 4 Roller Miller 9'x6' Double Pair Model #A15201-B for Sale. Purchased in 2015 but not ever switched on. Works well with a 10-15 barrel system, cracking at 3000 lbs/hr. Includes a 10 pound hopper with Lid with 2-4" Inlet Tubes. Also, includes a Flex Auger system Model 90, Hopper to Mill and Mill to Mash, 2 Flex Augers & Mill Motor Starters. Selling without a Warranty. $13,000. Location in Durham, NC. PM through ADI with interest and questions or direct email at TinaCWilliford@gmail.com.
  9. For Sale One (1) - Clear All Heart Western Red Cedar Tanks with Full Thickness Tank Lids – S.S. Hinged in half: Size: 60” Diameter x 48” Over All Height Each Tank Complete with the following Features & Components: Tub Staves: Precision Molded To Radius of Tub - Angled Ball & Socket Joints with “V” Grove Exterior Detailing – Pre-drilled for Bulkhead Fitting 1 - Tank Bottom: Molded Tongue and Groove “Wedged” Joints 3 - Tank Support Chine Joist: 4” x 6” Pressure Treated Timbers (not 4x4) 4 - Compression Bands: Stainless Steel with H
  10. Finishing up the last few pieces of equipment for a new distillery and looking to see if there is a used 600-800 gallon stripping still with preferably some, but not all copper. Also, looking for a bottling machine. PM if you are changing up equipment and have this available. Thanks and stay safe!
  11. I'm sourcing out a rotary evaporator 5-10 liter and was wondering if anyone has an opinion about brands like Buchi versus those from other companies such as USA Lab, etc?
  12. Looking for a rotary evaporator 10-20 Liters in globe size along with additional connecting equipment. Please PM if available stateside.
  13. Anyone have recommendations on. consultants. who can file documents for a new distillery?
  14. Would you mind sharing the contact for the bottles that you used for the No. 8 Dry Gin?
  15. When electricity is $0.41/kw hr and Water $0.05/gal, with a 500 gallon still, 78F water temps, would it work best with a 10 tonne chiller, bore a hole and create a chilling water option for the condenser? Year round air temps 95 F to 75F. Ideas? Fermentation of molasses.
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