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  1. It's not yet sold but claimed for. I will know more on it's availability this Sunday. Thanks!
  2. I've been in production for about three months now, and have several pieces of equipment that I realize I will never need, including: (2) 6" to 2" tri-clamp reducers - Paid $66 for each of them. Looking for best offers. (1) 6" x 48" spool with tri clamp connections - $150 (1) 5BBL Plate Heat Exchanger from CPE Systems - $1000 Thanks! Brock
  3. Hi everyone, I forgot one piece of info about this hose that may be pertinent. It's 3/4" inner diameter. If still interested, let me know! Brock
  4. Looking to sell a never used 10 foot length of Glidetech Distillery hose. Looking to get $75 for it. Manufacturer description below: Glidetech Distillery hose is a durable, extra flexible suction and delivery hose. Its superior construction ensures no flavor or odor are imparted into your product, even after product remains in the hose for extended periods of time. It is designed especially for distilled products and by-products, and is suitable for alcohol concentrations up to 96% Features: Synthetic piles and steel wire helix reinforcement Low friction material for easy dragging Non-marking when dragged on the floor Oil, chemical, and abrasion resistant Easy to clean
  5. Lightly used XPressfill Bottle Filler, only used was cleaning run during photo shoot before I decided to get a 4-spout filler. Photos Manufacturer description below: The XF260 two bottle filler is designed for the Artisan Craft Person filling a broad variety of different-sized bottles. The XF260 can easily accommodate very small to very large bottles with its adjustable shelf, allowing great flexibility. The XF260 is suitable for wine, distilled spirits, olive oil and nearly all other products. Easy to use, compact in design, precise volume filling, high quality components, hand-crafted in the USA. Adjustable shelf to accommodate small to large bottles 250 Bottles per Hour capacity in wine or equivalent viscosity, 750 ml bottle 200 Bottles per Hour capacity in olive oil or equivalent viscosity, 500 ml bottle. Weight: 23 lb Dimensions: 11.25" wide x 17" high x 15.5" deep Asking for $1,500. Brock
  6. Hi all, I intend to age my aquavit in freshly dumped bourbon barrels, or rye if necessary. I'm a Minnesota distillery and intend to pick up the barrel myself. Anyone in Minnesota or Wisconsin have anything available for purchase? Thanks! Brock
  7. Hi all, This is a great topic. I am also looking to make a small batch spirit from honey and am wondering about how long it's taking for your honey-based meads to ferment? Thanks! Brock
  8. Hi all, I'm just starting up and intend to certify my spirits as organic. I'm wondering if any of you have experience with this process and are willing to discuss what it takes to become certified organic (feel free to give your input in this forum as well). Specifically, I have questions about: What do you use to clean equipment? What's acceptable to use to increase or decrease mash pH? To label as "organic", you need 95% of the ingredients, by weight or volume, to be organic. I'm assuming that when making gin, the botanicals would not need to be organic if the raw grain used to make the base spirit is organic. Is that a correct assumption? I will appreciate any information you all can offer. Thanks!
  9. Also, will take offers from vendors as well as other distillers. Thanks again!
  10. Hi all, Our distillery is looking to buy our first still. We are looking for a 150-250 gallon electric still, preferably bane marie style oil bath. Agitator is a plus. Thanks!
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