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  1. oh hell yea............ i cant even imagine.
  2. When your using Rye/wheat etc for their enzymes youd cook your corn first - then cool until your strike temperature for mashing your malts/grains. Then add them in and hold till done etc etc.. So youd keep the enzymes from being denatured. -S
  3. No one says you cant take your just used infusing wood to build a cabinet out of when your done with your aging............... Even better!
  4. I absolutely LOVE this idea. Its not hard to find reclaimed barn wood - if you ran it through a planer enough to get rid of ALL the paint (got to have lead in it if its old) then toast and char? Or perhaps toast it in a smoker? This is what great stories are made of! Silk - this is brilliant! I got a smoker - bring me a box of wood and try this out! -Scott
  5. I would agree - it should be fine to do. You may have to remove or deface the label making them unable to be sold. Then transfer and relable. With the defaced or removed lable they would be unfinished product. Just my .02 Scott
  6. Seems I forgot to update this... after making a couple of calls I did speak with the ABC (alcohol beverage control) in the great state of New Jersey and was informed by two different people that in fact the State does not set operating hours. Operating hours are set by the municipality. This did lead me to ask a couple of places why they thought they had to close at 10pm. To be fair it was two craft breweries and only one distillery so its not exactly a real survey. However all 3 of them said "I heard it from someone". Seems to me depending on what your doing in your tasting room you might want to stay open a little later then 9 or 10pm. Especially on Friday and Saturday. Cheers! -Scott
  7. You can also run the batch more then once through the still to concentrate it further I believe. Can anyone chime in on this. I have seen some very nice gin made using less then 20 plates. After the first bunch of plates you can make the spirit more pure with additional plates but the difference with each plate is significantly less. For example (and im making these numbers up so please anyone chime in) you might be at 80% or better at 6 plates and it will take 12 more plates to get to 90%. I run a test still now thats only a pot still and I can get 85% after 2 runs with no plates at all. And I make gin. just my much less experienced .02. Scott
  8. Just an update -- I finally got around to running my "rice" wash. As I said above I did the beer traditionally. I only made a small test batch using 5 lbs of rice and two bags of chinese yeast balls. Ended up with a half gallon of rice wine/beer. it took weeks (i think it was about 6 and I still had a good bunch of rice left over in the wash) I ran it twice, a stripping run and again a separation run. I ended up with ALOT of methanol. My stripping run gave me about 24 ounces at about 60%abv.. I took out 6 ounces in heads and ended up with about 16 ounces of hearts in my second run and landed at about 82%abv via my mini pot test still - making roughly 32 ounces at 40%. It has an almost thick tongue feel and a slight taste of licorice. I have no idea where to go with it at this point but its really interesting in flavor. It may be worth expanding in the future. This was no grinding at all - cooked via a pressure cooker (but boiled would work just as well) and dumped into a sanatized bucket. Yeast balls were crushed and sprinkled over the top. Thats it..... -Scott
  9. In New Jersey we cant sell food. People can call for take out or bring it in - but we are by law not allowed to sell food or operate a restaurant. -Scott
  10. I was wondering if anyone has a handle on regulations on operating hours? I didnt think it was controlled by anyone but the municipality. I noticed alot of the distilleries near me seem to close fairly early. Latest I saw was midnight. Anyone care to chime in? Thanks Scott
  11. Yea I think when I contacted him he had his own he grew listed for sale.. I wonder what happened to that.. Scott
  12. Here is where i have gotten mine in the past - He should have that in stock I think.... https://www.absintheherbs.com/1-ounce-Imported-Pontica-5-per-1-ounce.htm Have you tried him? -Scott
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