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  1. I am looking for 3-4 barrels worth of high rye whiskey. 1-2 years aged. If anyone has any available i would love to purchase. Shipping to Canada. Thanks!
  2. I added two nice stainless ball valves at the top and bottom. Now i am ready to rock! Sub question. Could we use the same charcoal for Rum, rinse them use for vodka? or should charcoal only be used for one product then pitch it? Just trying to save some money πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Thank everyone!! Really appreciate it.
  4. Planning on doing our first charcoal filter with acid washed activate coconut charcoal. We are planning on pumping 300 gallons of vodka at 81 proof vodka through our 3”x36” filter housing with 2x 3” 50 mesh screen gaskets and two 3” to 5/8” hose barb adapters from the bottle up one time. I can't figure out for the life of me how to store the charcoal once we are finished so we can reuse it. I assume it can be used again. My guess is if we can store it properly every time we run 300 gallons through it we should be able to use it at least 10 times. No way we can dump 250$ worth of charcoal each time we run a small batch of vodka. Any info would be amazing! Thanks
  5. Ed from Morrison Thermopower Inc might be the best in the business! He is actually from Lincon! Did all our chillers and boiler works. Mashtun, still he did it all. 905-933-8941
  6. I found a bunch of heaven hill twice dumped bourbons i am going to try in a few weeks. Pretty excited. Quick question. What proof does everyone put their brand in the barrel at. I assume 110-120? Any pro's or cons to doing it higher or lower? Would love to do a few different tests, but any feedback would rock! Side note: One thing we noticed when we ran our peach wine was that the warmer we ran our deflag on our 4 plate tour the sweeter the peach flavours were. The cooler we ran it the more peach flower/floural the flavours were. Pretty happy with how it all turned out!
  7. Another noob question πŸ˜ƒ If i am running NGS through my Pot and i make a small heads cut. I should run it down to about 40% then give up? I started with about 35% NGS. Sorry i know its a dumb question...but its driving me nuts looking for answers.
  8. Would a new barrel with medium toast and a light char be an option? Should have considered how delicate the peach spirit can be.
  9. Looking to start aging some peach wine i am looking to distill soon and I want to pick up a bunch of barrels to age a peach brandy in for 1-4 years. Looking for input as to what type's of barrels and char's work best. My plan was mostly to pick up different fresh 1 dump bourbon and rye used barrels from a few larger distilleries (jack daniel, heaven hill, woodford and buffalo trace). I also want to play around with new oak with alligator 3 and 4 char. I didn't see a thread in here specifically talking about aging brandy so here it goes!
  10. used the moonshine yeast (10kg box) and we loved it. Not sure about other products. Are you sure they are out of business??
  11. Is this still for sale? If so i would love to buy it! danny@limiteddistillery.com Thx!
  12. Is Calcium hydroxide mostly for sugar washes/rum product when raising PH? or would you use this for all grain mashes also? Been using Calcium Carb. for a while and not super happy with it. I do like it more than baking soda though.
  13. Also what type are you guys trying? I just contacted Omega Yeast to pick up some trial yeasts they have three strands of Kveik.
  14. I got 99 problems but foaming is not one hehe. The mess...i could only imagine. Thanks again for the info!
  15. All the info is greatly appreciated! I have started stirring the grain cap often as I think it does excite the mash. More/different enzymes and try for more milled grain. Also lower starting gravity. At the end of the day I love the flavours coming from the product but it’s too much effort for low % washes. Try try again! Also we have not had enough runs to get backset yet so the plan is to start using 10% of that to help with the PH drops. Is a 3.75 terrible for the majority of the ferment?
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