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  1. i hope yer kidding. Thats basically saying give someone a bottle of poison.
  2. Maybe u should read what I wrote a second time. its all about flash points. I aint too smart, but a flash point is a flash point and something above the flash point temp is no more dangerous than something at its flash point. For your construction, have you ever sold a still wich had a cheap chinese weld break shortly after its been put into operation? Asking because I know the answer and I might even have a photo layin around.
  3. Packed column is a lot slower run and harder to clean when ya get tails at the top yer gonna have an awful time getting the smell out. with a 6 plate column even after two or three runs you are gunna end up with high proof whiskey not vodka. A company selling 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 plate stills and callin it a vodka still is just looking for a sucker. Might as well take an alembic and call that a vodka still too!! Buy the right setup and you are going to save yourself 20 to 40 hours of work each and every week. It will pay for itself. I also dont think the safety concern of running high wines in a still is the combustion inside of the still. The oxygen will be pushed out by the alcohol vapor during warm up and you'll be out of combustion danger very shortly. The concern is what happens if theres an accident like a manway hatch or a cheap china weld that brakes and sprays 190 degree 190 proof across the distillery.
  4. Id like to meet a small bottler who charges a buck or less for each bottle to proof, bottle, label and case. We charge closer to 2 dollars a for a pallet or two. At a buck I don't think its worth the head ache or liability.
  5. have u also tried it without RO water? unless yer tap water is bad theres no reason to do anythign other than filter the chlorine out with carbon. Just try a simple mash with tap water, grain, enzyme and yeast. Ferment in yer mash tun or still if you can. That will eliminate all other variables and infection sources. Ph drop is fine and normal. Yeast create the acid that causes it.
  6. Are u ever doing steam jackets and larger columns? The run times on those electric 2000 liter must be long?
  7. Its strange that none of yer customers never ever modify or change parts like gaskets that they might buy elsewhere. A hundred percent retention rate? Get over ytourself.
  8. Is the fermented mash still looking all infected like in the earlier picture? Or is it gone? Do you have any gaskets or parts of your still that aint ethanol rated that could give the wines a smell? Hire a real consultant, looks like it's cheaper than throwing more money at it.
  9. How about u post some relevant content from recent years instead of articles from 3-5 years ago? Heres one from 2 months ago. 5 years ago the worst distiller with the worst business plan coud open up and make the worst liquor and still make a bunch of money. NOT SO MUCH IN 2018! https://thewhiskeywash.com/lifestyle/american-whiskey-continues-boom-rye-leads-way/ If white whiskey was such a good seller then why woud anyone make the brown stuff?
  10. That big wine cooler company has there wine coolers in every liquor store across the country. They probably move more gallons of strawberry daiquiris than every product from every distiller in this thread. They r making money, hard to hate.
  11. I guess the liquor stores and state warehouse around us are missing out on all the potential sales of "moonshine"? Not a troll. Most liquor stores can't give the stuff away. I may not be the smartest most educated distiller but I at least know what sells and what doesn't sell. What sells: aged whiskey,gin,vodka, rum,tequila,liqueur,beer,wine,wine coolers. What doesn't sell: unaged whiskey. Theres a reason whiskey is aged.
  12. Is that so? Is yer website badly out of date or r you really only in a couple dozen stores? If you think unaged whiskey has fantastic repeat business then u probably would be overwhelmed by how much even a mediocre gin sells.
  13. Anyone legally making "moonshine" should be making plans of how they gunna liquidate there distillery when it goes out of business. Its the dumbest thing going on in our industry. I'd at give someone a little respect if they said they were makin unaged whiskey or corn whiskey (i still question anyone who buys the stuff because its fing gross!)
  14. You need some minerals in your mash water. mainly calcium. Minerals will not make it into your final product unless you distill to such a high heat that you distill iron, calcium, copper, magnesium. If you distill those minerals you are doing it wrong.
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