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  1. Bill Coffey

    Barrel size

    Is there any fire code,etc prohibiting the use of larger barrels? We are looking at some larger barrels (greater than 59 gallons) and were probably misinformed that we could not use barrels larger than 59 gallons. Thanks for any help
  2. Can anyone give me contact info for a company in California where I can send our Feints? Thanks in advance, Bill Coffey Bev.ind.specs@gmail.com
  3. Hello all. We have some extra sherry barrels left from our recent order and we are selling them at our cost. We sourced these through Rocky Mountain and they shipped directly to us from Spain with some sherry remaining in the barrel. We paid about $800 each, including shipping, so that is what we are asking, just our cost. Interested? Please email bill@dogooddistillery.com, or call (209) 7436123 Thank you
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