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  1. This is a great general discussion. Nice to see the wheels turning & to spread minimal awareness. I figured a few would be triggered.
  2. Smaller scale distilleries are popping up everywhere. More than often, many owners have little to no experience distilling prior to opening their business. Why are you following the trend? Are you after fame, are you after the money? Will you make money? When similar brands pop up over and over again, what are the consumers going to think? Cool, generic name/logo, campfire, outsourced spirits..whatever. What is the point? Will your brand really stand out, or are you just flooding an already saturated market? WIll these poorly made spirits sell for long? Does anyone take time to do things right these days? Oh wait, right is subjective..right? What's that you say? You went to an 8 hour distilling course, and to the ADI conference this year, opened a distillery and now you are a master distiller? Anyways..The same story is repeating itself with many new distilleries. What is happening to the industry? What do you as an owner/distiller/investor/consumer/contributor think about the current direction of the distilling industry and its future? Will the small distilleries prevail, or wash away into the sunset? Is there still purity out there? I saw McDonald's starting using the word 'Craft' in their marketing now. Count me in for a craft sandwich, and a pour, excuse me, 'dram' of whatever you got.
  3. Hello all and thanks for having me. I'm in and out of the forums as a spectator. I've worked for 2 facilities as head distiller, and very grateful to be where I'm at. I'm working with a close friend on opening our own production facility, though funding seems to be the most challenging aspect. Looking forward to talking distilling and all the greatness it brings us. I like pot stills, and drinking. Hopefully I'll fit in. Thanks again.
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