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  1. Hi southernhighlander . Can i have more info about the OSPM , can you add it on a existing bain marie electric heating ? Let me know if you can help me . Thank you
  2. Hi guys. I'm in the process of building a new control panel with my control guys for a 750L still electric heated element water/steam bain marie .I have acces to 600v 3 phases in the building . I need to control 6 x 10kw 600v electric elements in the bain marie . My question is : what is the best sequence to control these heting elements for a perfect control on my 4 plate column ? I try to figure separate the elements in 3 so : 2 on a on/off switch for preheating 2 on a variable heat dimmer 0 to 100% the last 2 on a SSR controled by PID with thermocouple on the top of the plate to maintain the temperature Does it sound good ?? any feedback / recommendation will be welcome .
  3. Hi Bluestar. We plan to start  a new distillery near Montreal , and we visit quincy street distillery last summer when we went to siebel for the craft distilling course .I remember you telling us about some of the problems you had with your electric ellements at the start . I need a little help to understand  and to help my control guys, to build the control pannel for my ellectric element vapor bain marie pot still.I remember you mentioned the importance of using solid state relay for controlling the electric element but how do you control these SSRs ?? Do you use thermocouple for controling it ? Do you controling  it by stage ?? I need to control 6 elements of 10 kw each on 600V 3 Phase for a vapor bain marie 750 Liters pot stills.Maybe you can help us on that . I can provide you more information if you wish

    Thank you for your time 


    Distillerie Des Trois-Lacs 


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