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  1. Dzul and mechengineer, I would contact Dave Dunbar. He is usually found on this forum\. He helped us get all of our approvals after I proved to ignorant of the laws to be of much use! Adam
  2. Naven, We feed our separated spent grains to cattle. We do not feed it straight, typically blend it in with hay/other roughage. I do know that it is best to keep feed rations consistent. Keep that in mind when planning how many animals vs. how much wet you will produce (wet cake does have a tendency to mold up, last I knew it does not really effect nutritional value, but I am sure there is a point where you wouldn't want to feed it). I do not know about hogs, we have never fed spent grains to ours. I think the university of Nebraska did a bunch of wet cake feed studies from ethanal pl
  3. I also use the FP1 from Ferm solutions. I ferment at low temps, does well, now I learn it can handle high temps as well. Will have try a few batches and see what other flavors we get. Adam
  4. I do not have an electric heating element in the still, but I do have them in my home water heater. When the calcium/iron builds up on those elements and the two sides finally touch, my heating element burns itself out. I would contact the manufacturer and check with them, but if it is anything like my water heater heating element I would not let the sides touch. Again, contact the manufacturer for certain. Wedging a piece of copper in between the elements will not help if they are not supposed to be touching (copper is an excellent conductor of electricity). Adam
  5. Good afternoon. We have 15 gallon barrels of 15 month aged rye whiskey. Its 51% rye, 30% wheat, 19% corn let us know if you are interested. Thanks!
  6. I was planning on filtering after dumping as well, 20 micron filter. Thanks for the info on mesh, now I'm thinking 100 mesh might be the way to go!
  7. What size mesh screen are people using in their barrel dump stations? I have a perforated metal base, but am looking into how fine of a mesh I can use on top of the perforated metal base (I think 100 mesh is still too large, my catalog says there is a 300 mesh, but is that too fine?) Thanks in advance to all the answers! Adam
  8. Thank you for the link Dr, and to all those who contributed. I have been asked, NUMEROUS times, on this topic. Good info.
  9. Ours is a 20 HP hammer mill, 7/32 screen for corn, 3/16 screen for barley and wheat. I have three very small grain bins that feed into my mill. I had to put VFD's on the augers to get them slow enough to not amp out the mill. My mill is up on a platform, allowing gravity to feed into my catch hoppers. We grind on our farm and truck the milled grain to the distillery, kind of a cumbersome process BUT I do not have to worry about dust. The mill is in an old commodity building (open on three sides) so not too much of dust explosion risk. The platform works great, but to change screens
  10. kckadi, Hudson is right on. There are numerous options out there that are food grade, talk with one of your local water treatment reps. If it is in the budget look at automating the boiler feed chemicals. It wasn't in my budget, and I struggled with keeping things in range. I just got approval from the powers that be to automate the chemical feed system, have not put the system in yet, but will help keep me level. Adam
  11. MG: We ran it through at ambient temp, which for me was right around 62F.
  12. Thanks for the info Silk! Woulda been handy to have this document before I started! Since I did not purchase from Cadot I am assuming that is why I did not get sent this document. Again, thanks for the info! Adam
  13. Hello everyone, I know carbon filtration has been discussed (two posts recently) but I wanted to post my experience with it so others can hopefully learn from my failures and not repeat the same mistakes.....or at least make different ones than I did. Here goes a long post: After much searching, researching, and numerous cold calls I received some answers on the carbon filter set up that I had. Cabot was very helpful, but they only sell carbon by the pallet load, so I had to go with another supplier. Here is what I learned from Cabot: They recommended thei
  14. In continuation of the Corson saga (and of the numerous posts I have read on here) I have two questions: 1) Has anyone ordered equipment from Corson in the last 18 months and not received their equipment? 2) If you have received Corson equipment has it been in good working order Responses are appreciated. If anyone is willing to share I would love your contact information as well. Mine is kennayadam@gmail.com. Thank you! Adam
  15. Southernhighlander: My interpretation of Class 1 Div 1 is the following: we are only classified as that group when explosive vapors are present under normally operating conditions. Class 1 Div 2 is when explosive vapors can be present under abnormal operations. Is there any chance your customer can review the code with the civil engineer and demonstrate that under normal operation of the still there are no explosive vapors present in the areas he is classifying as Class 1 Div 1? Adam
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