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  1. 100+ barrels of 15% or 21% rye KY Bourbon. $800/barrel. Storage on site and multi-year production contracts are possible.
  2. If it's still for sale, please call me at




  3. Not yet, though there are interested parties. The still is on pallets ready for shipment.
  4. is the Carl still available?


  5. Still has been operational for two years. There is an integrated botanical extractor in the helmet, the first column has 10 valved trays and a partial condenser, the second column has 10 trays and a partial condenser. Pot has an explosion proof agitator to help with thick mash. Control panel with QA/QC and safety features. Top shelf piece of equipment. Company requires larger still. Still is in excellent condition and can produce 190+ proof, whiskey, gin, brandy and rum easily. Runs like a dream. Currently on pallets and ready to be shipped. $190,000.00, Firm. Serious inq
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