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  1. We still have a few of the smaller format barrels available. Located in Houston, TX
  2. New, 10 and 15 gallon barrels available. All air dried, toasted and char #3. Located in Texas. $215 for 10 gallon and $225 for 15 gallon.
  3. I am very interested in this topic, however, I would be concerned that the Avery labels do not stand up in bar conditions and aren't high enough quality of glue. If you can share pictures that would be great. But being able to print small numbers at a time would be great. Do you think it will be cheaper when including the cost of printer and ink?
  4. Does anyone have a steam generator that they recommend?
  5. For those that are using steam, what is the recommended time? Do you need to adjust significantly for bigger barrels? Next batch: Tighten hoops Try some with steam, some in kiddie pool (can't wait to explain this on tours)
  6. Thanks for the replies. I like the steam idea, but how can you tell if the barrel is completely sealed? Also, will a home steamer generate enough steam, or is something industrial needed? If so, any recommendations? I will try to tighten the hoops next time as well.
  7. What size boiler are you using to run this?
  8. I am looking for some help designing the correct size tube-in-tube heat exchanger. We would like to cool from mashing temp to fermentation temps in a few hours, 2-4 would be fine. Mash size is 1500 gal and we have a chiller with 48F water available for the coolant. Is it better to design for a single pass or simple recirculate the hot fluid until the lower temp is reached, The 2nd seems the easier way to handle lots of specs and not overshoot the temp. Also looking for reputable vendors, SS, sanitary connections, skid or wall mounting are both possible. Also would like to se
  9. Hi everyone, looking for some more experienced advice on the subject. We are currently following the cooperage guidelines and using hot (120-140F) water to prep our barrels prior to filling, however, I would prefer cold since it requires the use of our still to heat the water. The main problem is our barrels have sat for a bit and leak like crazy. It takes 2-3 fills of hot water over a week to seal up completely. Anyone have experience switching and was cold water as effective? Additional question, how long can water sit in the barrels before some issue arises like mold or algae?
  10. Update: We did receive most of the barrels (remainder are being shipped at a later date). On a positive note, I do like that the barrels re individually wrapped, hope it will make barrel prep easier. On a negative note, the 10 gal barrels have a tiny bung, going to to have to get few new things in order to fill. Also, the silicone bungs we have will not fit.
  11. Thanks Paul. I might not have made it clear, but we are a operating distillery, shipping bottles of product to a new customer overseas, so the departing port is USA.
  12. Hey folks, I am looking for some help and guidance regarding international shipping. We have received an order from oversees (1st ever) and need some help: 1) Are there any additional permits that we need to ship? My hope is to transfer custody locally, so all transit is on them. 2) If the shipping has to be on us, what do I need to protect the shipment, ie. licenses, permits, insurance...? 3) Shipping recommendations. Options are to ship on pallets or stuff the container without pallets. What is the best way in terms of protecting the cargo? Do we need anything else such as pa
  13. Update, I did receive a shipping notice (with invoice) this morning for the full order. I guess it takes some pushing and shoving to get things done. While I hope this was only a serious miscommunication, its concerning that it takes so much effort to get the product. I will keep this post updated with barrel quality once received.
  14. Update: after making a stink on many sites, I have been told most of the barrels are ready to ship on Monday (pretty convenient). They really did not want to provide a refund. I will update whether the barrels arrive and in what condition.
  15. Warning, DO NOT buy from Atlas Barrel Company. We made a purchase in January of this year, paying 50% deposit. We have heard twice that the barrels would be sent soon, only nothing ever arrives. And now we cannot get a hold of anyone to request a refund. DO NOT use them!!
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