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  1. In my defense, I do know people who were purchasing organic GNS to make hand sanitizer because it was all they could find at the beginning of the pandemic. Crazy. I'm still sitting on a few thousand bottles I'm trying to figure out what to do with. Better than 10 totes though!
  2. We make cocktail syrups at my distillery in addition to spirits. We've been using a 5 gallon brew kettle on an induction plate to heat our syrups and then bottle them through a small ball valve. We fill 8oz bottles and use plastisol-lined screw caps. I need a larger more robust set up, about 25 gallons. I'm thinking ideally we'd use an electric jacketed kettle with a small ball valve with a nozzle that can fill a bottle with a 28mm opening. Does anyone else make syrups and have some equipment or production tips they can give me? TIA!
  3. Thank you! Their prices are almost 2x of what I was paying at Ultrapure 😬
  4. On a similar note, I'm looking for organic GNS. I usually get it from Ultrapure but they are having a hard time keeping it in stock. Any other recommendations?
  5. This whole thing is so asinine... My attorney contacted the FDA and this is the step-by-step email they sent: 1) The first thing you will want to do is delist the drug product. To do this: 1) Login to the CDER Direct Account (https://direct.fda.gov) 2) Click on “Product Listing and Reporting” 3) Click on “Submission Accepted” for the most recently, previously submitted Product Listing 4) Click on “Create New Version” (do not alter any of the information in the Header Details as it is correctly updated
  6. When I was audited a few weeks ago my inspector told me that the FDA was considering implementing a fee, but I got impression that it was going to be on future batches, not retroactive. I did find it interesting that part of his report was the value of the sanitizer I manufactured as well as the value of my current inventory on hand. If we are retroactively charged a facility fee, we need to create a substantial PR backlash. I'm already pissed off that they chose to audit us during the second wave of the pandemic. There were a lot of folk who didn't even bother registering with the FDA -
  7. Glad (?) to hear others are having the same experience. Last week I received a call from an FDA inspector asking quite a few specific questions about my hand sanitizer production: how much did I make, what formula did I use, what packaging did I use, did I sell it out of state, etc. I politely answered his questions and asked him why he's contacting me - was there a complaint? He assured me there wasn't a complaint - they were randomly selecting distilleries to audit. He asked me to email him the records of my most recent batch (including the POs, BOLs, and COAs of the ingredients I used), sal
  8. I've been experimenting with this too. Not sure why this isn't common practice.
  9. I'll make the same offer as @daveflintstoneand I'll even offer consulting services for $100/hr
  10. Really interesting discussion. Thank you for starting this, OP, and thanks to all for bestowing your knowledge upon us. @Mountain Brewer I think this has already been made clear to you by others but for what it's worth I also think that you are making your cuts way too narrow. 500-600 gal of 18 brix mash yields me a barrel. Also, if you insist on using charcoal I would filter it through as fast as you can to minimize contact time. @JustAndy and @DrDistillation - what's the reasoning for distilling a stripping run below 20% abv? I usually stop my collection around 20-25% because I f
  11. I'm in the market for a 1000-1500 gallon spirit storage tank and I'm trying to figure out the best and most economical way to gauge it. Up until now I've used relatively small tanks and have just forklifted them onto a 3x3 platform scale that I have. What is the best solution for weighing the contents of a tank of this size? The only option I know of is installing load cells into the stand - I was quoted $4,000 by a local scale guy for the load cells and indicator (not including installation) which seems like it might be a bit high. Are there any online shops you'd recommend that may be more c
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