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  1. Yeah, the TTB has been (for over a year I think) collecting data from all still sales from the business selling them. They have info on me for a 2" brewhaus still with an 8 gallon boiler. The letter was an overview of what is legal and illegal and that they know I have a still. The also included a second letter about a bust in Florida from a couple years ago. A couple of other I know got the letters last week as well. We all agree it's a scare tactic and very unlikely to amount to anything. But the TTB does have my home address and knowledge that I bought a distiller several years ago. Not wor
  2. Hey all, I'm bowing out after 7 years. Just received the TTB form letter and although I believe this to be a scare tactic, I have a wife, kid and a good job that's not worth any amount of risk. I have been through several stills and recently just put this one together. The still and boiler have only been used three times. Everything I buy is top or near top of the line, no junk. Listed below is everything you could ever need plus. Distilling: 4" x 4 bubble plate still. This still was put together with the best parts from a couple sites. The bubble plates, dephlag, hose system and parrot ar
  3. $1,850 for still or $2,500 for still AND 26 gallon boiler with 4" ferrule on lid, custom 3" filler neck, 2" sight glass, 2" element port on bottom right and a drain valve. All ports other than the 4" on the lid will come with clamps and end caps so the can be completely sealed if not in use.
  4. New and final price is $1,999.00. Hilbilly and Milehi are charging $1700 + a couple months wait + shipping for 6 plate stills that don't compare to the craftsmanship of this still. Thanks for looking.
  5. Yes, still is for sale but lots of interest the last couple weeks.
  6. Okay, final price is $1,999. I bought it for that much and then added a top plate SS valve, 3" dial thermometer and extra martini handle. Most places have a 4 plate reflux still for $1300 to $1500, this still is twice that big and includes plate drains and craftsmanship that you cannot find anywhere else on the internet.
  7. New price is $2,500 which is a very good deal on an 8 plate still with drain valves and an artistic touch you won't get anywhere else that I'm aware of. See contact info in original post.
  8. If you would like more information or a larger picture please email me at araider24@gmail.com. I've responded to 4 folks through the messenger but the pictures didn't make it. Probably too big. Baron
  9. I would do that for you and would only charge actual shipping.
  10. 4" x 8 perforated plates with three that can be opened from the beginning of the run to disable and only run 5 plates or can be opened after for more distillation cycles. SS dephlegmator can knock down all the power you throw at it. Show stopping spiral product condenser. Two thermometers- One above depheg and one in dephleg exit water. Clear coated for a lifetime shine Martini ball valve handles and artistic martini glass parrot Boiler NOT included. NOW $1,999 Drop me a line if you want a bigger picture or call or text Baron to discuss @ 360-561-6211.
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