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  1. Good afternoon sir! My name is Devin Flickinger from Hook and Flask Still Works in Carlisle, PA. We briefing spoke 2 years ago as we were doing our build out. We have been distilling for 2 plus years now and are looking into a chiller system to recycle water for our 2 condensors and possibly our mash tun. Could we connect in the near future to talk about cooling options? Thank you, Devin L. Flickinger, Chief Distilling Officer Hook & Flask Still Works, Carlisle PA 717-526-8549
  2. Anyone have any experience good or bad with the Primera AP362 Label Applicator? Thanks in advance!!!!
  3. Getting ready to purchase a manual labeler for start up distillery. Looking for a labeler that can do round bottles as well as square bottles. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Devin
  4. Thank you! I was looking at the same one....did you get the gas option for $250? If so, does this require a air compressor hook up? Thanks again!
  5. Eud, thank you for your posts and comments...... Corn is milled at the mill, I would say fine similar to that of corn meal. 120-130 struck in the corn and added Termamyl 4.5 oz. then took mash temp up to 185 and held for 60-90 min. Allowed mash to cool to 150 and added 9 oz Saczyme Pro then cut heat and allowed to cool while agitator was running to continue to mix mash. To be honest - I did not check the pH after cook nor during ferment. I will be going to get a pH tester today - What is the required chemical to adjust pH up or down based on readings? I have thought about using 95% Corn and 5% Malted Barley for the buffer.....thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Greetings all! I have a 20 gallon batch of 100% corn (30 lbs and 15 gallons of water), which was cooked on 5/31. OG: 1.058 (seems a little low to me) pinched Red Star Distillers yeast (30g) next day to allow to cool around 90 degrees. Mixed well, today 6/7 checked SG = 1.014 (again seems to high after nearly 7 days fermenting....a few bubbles are continuing however I am thinking fermentation is close to being done. Several questions: 1. Why is it taking so long to finish fermentation? Fermentation Temp is right around 74-76 degrees.... 2. What is the target OG reading on a mash cook? 2. Did I not use enough yeast? We are a start up and I am running test batches to get things dialed in, so today I am using city water (particulate filter in the line already), water conditioning guys coming next week to install a softner as well as RO. I will not be using RO to mash. Cooked another batch on 6/5 (again OG was 1.058, waited until 6/7 (this morning due to working 6/6), there was a nice thick cap on top (thinking natural fermentation started) so I continued to pinch yeast, this time increased to 40g Red Star. Thanks all! Devin
  7. Looking for recommendations on a 4 Spout Bottle Filler? Thanks in advance! Devin
  8. Thank you all for your comments! Keep them coming.....we have done a webinar/live demo with Distill x5 and Whiskey Systems. Hoochware is in our sites to demo..... I agree that it is essential to understand the TTB regs and reporting. Just a lot to take in which I am sure you all know. Any further advice is greatly appreciated!!
  9. Hi all, In process of start up and we are evaluating distilling software (Distill x5, Whiskey Systems, Hooch), can anyone provide pros & cons? Thanks in advance, Devin
  10. Greetings All! I am in the process of starting our distillery and we are finalizing some equipment and the glycol chiller system is next on the list. So I am looking for advice with regards to the size of the system. Here goes....... We will be running a 600 gal steam jacketed combo mash tun/stripping still, 2 open top fermenters with 2 sides cooling jackets, and lastly a 300 gal finishing still. We will someday add a dedicated mash tun. Any help will be appreciated.... Cheers!!
  11. Looking for recommendations on a small test recipe stills? 10-26 gallons, I feel would be sufficient size for test batches. Thoughts and/or recommendations??? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  12. Devin

    Glycol Systems

    Thank you all for the replies! I guess I should have been more specific in my post....so here it goes. We are on city water, no lakes or reservoirs near by. Plans currently is to purchase a 600 gal Stripping Still and use it as a mash tun then transfer to open top 2 sided jacketed fermenters. Eventually after stripping run we will go to a 300 gal finishing still. Thoughts on this system for Glycol chilling units? MG Thermal we are in Central PA about 20 minutes West of Harrisburg. Thank you all for your assistance!
  13. Devin

    Glycol Systems

    In the planning stages to starting our distillery in Central PA, specing all equipment out and we came across the idea of glycol cooling versus water. Anyone out there have any info on benefits and costs of systems? Thanks for helping out! Cheers!
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