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  1. Did you managed to figure out what went wrong in your procedure? I have an identical situation and have repitched YN, heated up with aquarium heaters AND repitched yeast and have moved from 1.034 to 1.030 in a few days. Tips?
  2. Hmm...my basket is entirely made of perforated copper. I'm assuming I have the same issue then?
  3. I know this is a REALLY old post, but I have a similar problem. My gins aren't turning out too light, just lighter. I checked the botanicals immediately afterward and they are very warm, some damp, but most very dry-like dusty dry! Am I putting too much in the basket? I ran approx 300L of 80proof. It turned out okay, but I'm concerned I'm losing flavor from the basket.
  4. Hi Paul, Sorry I missed this message! Yes he did. He was such a great help and yes, we got it going! It still floods badly into the second bubble plate on the second column, BUT we are running! Thank you again!!
  5. Well said Paul! Thank you very much for helping me through this disaster. It is so very much appreciated! Jen
  6. Hi Thatch! Paul, Mike and Meerkat have been absolutely incredible help! I have to say, I ran my still for the 1st time successfully using both columns today with their help! I owe them the world! They 1000% deserve the Championship trophy! Thank you SO SO much guys!!
  7. Hi! The trays appear quite dry as far as I can see. I can see the odd drip in a couple of them, but the base of each tray is quite dry. How do I fix this?
  8. Hi Paul, Yes absolutely I would sign that disclosure agreement. We wont be speaking to Hawke again anyhow. I will be calling. Thank you very much
  9. Those are aquatherm pipes for the glycol cooling system. They aren't insulated yet so for now they are exposed.
  10. Hi Tom, I have pulled all the valves out and they are properly pointed. Where the handle is pointing on the 3 way is where it is closed off.
  11. Hi! Thank you so much for your reply. It appears the coolant is piped individually. Here is a pic
  12. The temperature of the first dephlag was around 50 deg celcius. Here are images of the ways my calves were opened. The first image is the 1st column. The 3 way valve is closed to the right, forcing the steam downward to the base of the first column. The valve that opens/closed at the top of the dephleg to the main steam pipe is open. The second image is of the second column. I have the valve closed to the right, thus pushing the steam returned from the 1st column, downward toward the base of the second column. The valve at the top of the second dephleg is open as well direction st
  13. I have turned off the cooling to the dephleg because it seems to be the only way to get the second column to heat up. The water coming out is hot, yes.
  14. Hi! Thanks for the reply. I do not have antifoam in the pot and haven't seen any foam build up at all. The thermometers are both standard(not digital) and in degree celcius.
  15. Hi everyone! I'm in desperate need of some advice. I bought an electric 600L pot still with a whiskey helmet and 2 side by side 7 plate columns from Hawke Probate Distillation services. I am having an extremely hard time getting my system to function properly. The second column won't get up to temp unless I overheat the still and then it pukes. Tonight, after my millionth attempt, suddenly I noticed the dephleg on the second column was at 90celcius and the column was only at 40celcius. What is happening?! Can anyone give me suggestions as to what to try next? If someone has a similar 2 column
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