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  1. oh bullshit, we'd find a way.
  2. Given that Ouzo is re-distilled, has anyone tried doing the same with Amaro? I'm thinking about giving it a shot. Would be crystal clear, obviously.
  3. I appreciate the more informative reply. I use the search function often. Sometimes it's....well...not satisfying. It only works well when you type the boolean search perfectly, or you already know what you're looking for. Again, you'll be well served to be helpful, like this most recent post of yours was, rather than pretending everyone knows the ADI Forums or processes you're using as well as you do. Thanks again, I'm always willing to try new things and/or improve my processes.
  4. that is something I'll definitely give a try. The people I learned from used citric, and when I've used it it's been fantastic. I'll read that article and give it a whirl. Thanks.
  5. Either offer an alternative, or don't condemn. I've used it for 3 years with very good results. If you have an alternative that you've used, I would gladly listen.
  6. the Distilamax XP I have used brings a fruity profile to my high rye Bourbon. Lallamand Yeast.
  7. Sorry I didn't see this much sooner. They build. Pretty sure if you reach out to Tanner Littrel at ABE, he'll help. If you already reached him, that's fantastic.
  8. just started using Lallemand Distillamax XP
  9. Thank you. Odd that the TTB reviewer would first tell me that I have to have sugar, when their regs say I do not, but it's the government, so it's never easy or efficient. Doing exactly this now.
  10. Has anyone else used? Lincoln Nebraska based, really good people. Giving them a shot at nearly everything for my expansion. Would recommend you compare if you're buying equipment. Guy
  11. anyone found or have a resource for lit digital thermometers for dephleg and other instances where the thermometer is 15-25 ft off the floor? Seems simple enough, but I can't find on with boolean searches.
  12. ha. Yeah, my next 5 months will be wild and woolly with the upcoming buildout and move to Hudson.
  13. naturally, I forgot to check notifications. If you have time again in coming weeks, let me know, and I'll swing over.
  14. interesting. Thank you, will check it out.
  15. Can I use your software to legally proof Ouzo at 5% sugar? 70 proof finished? I have a rotovap but process is long and (as you mention) and not super easy to do. I've tried the Alcodens trial software and it worked like a charm. I wish I didn't have to add the damn sugar, but I can't seem to get COLAs to let me call it Ouzo without the sugar. So confusing still to me how to set labels.
  16. I'm a local, and have read a bit about you. Any chance I can come by and spend some time with you two?
  17. with a tapered bottle, I haven't found ANY cheap solution. I have to hand label them for sure. Once my production numbers increase, I hope I can find a viable solution that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.
  18. Of course, if you can afford to buy the building, why would you need investors? Owning is great, if everything you need is there and it’s a great location. Leasing can work too.
  19. was a typical store bought food coloring. I didn't test the pH of the vodka....I could if you thought it mattered. Like I said, this was just an experimental batch, not sold anywhere. I still have a bottle or 6 and they're still all pink. Also, if you have a recommended supplier of Carmine (or TTB approved food colorings), I'd happily take it and give it a shot. I need to find something the TTB would allow, as I think I'm going to make this product for distribution and sale.
  20. I didn't mean ZERO difference, just not enough that I took the column off. Naturally, and surface area increases means that we're increasing the amount of condensation inside and thus a minor increase in proof (amongst other things outside of my level of knowledge I'm sure)
  21. so, I've fought stalls, so I'll add that the things I've done since helped greatly. Realize I only have 200 gallon mashes currently. Spoke specifically to a chemist at Lallemand. 1. control pH below 6.0 using citric 2. lower temps for both re-hydration of yeast and temp of overall mash before adding yeast. I hydrate at specified 96.8 degrees, but wait until mash is UNDER 90 before adding rehydrated yeast. Continue to lower temps (I use a tubed crash cart) for the 15 mins I'm blending the two...usually putting in fermenter at 85 degrees or so. 3. Using yeast nutrients. I add Distilavite, a Lallemand product. The two types I add are GN, and HY. These 3 steps really helped eliminate stalls, and have sped up protocol to mostly get SG to 1.00 in 4-5 days. I haven't had stalls in protocols where starting SG was under 1.65 Good luck...I know it's frustrating.
  22. Wow. I'm glad I came in here to read this. I have never even considered this, and maybe I should do some more reading.
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