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  1. 160 gallon mash tank with two agitators available in Cincinnati Area for pickup or shipping. $4,000 Sold in conjunction with or separately from the below-posted 125 gallon still and will consider reasonable offers for both. Features: Jacketed (we used with steam) Air powered agitator (we did not use) Electric motor agitator (we ran it using a VFD and can provide that as well) Gearbox for electric motor (never mounted, see gearbox pic below) Can include 9" propeller No false bottom
  2. Hi, are you still looking for a Hoga still? We have a 125 gallon pot still with gin basket (no column though) for sale in Ohio.
  3. 2014 Hoga pot still used for less than a dozen runs. Available in Southwest Ohio for pickup or shipping. $14,000 Some features: Steam coil Agitator Gin basket CIP Manway Sight glass No stand included We drove the agitator with a VFD and can provide that if requested Contact Eugene at 513-307-2393 or eugene@oakandgloryspirits.com for more info.
  4. Saw this beauty two weeks ago on a tour and got the sense from the Buffalo Trace guide that they are already running their experimental collection through it. The corresponding fermenter is right near the camera's position in the above-referenced picture with a capacity of ~2400 gallons. Don't know what they are using for stripping, though. In any case, both fermenter and still were empty when I visited. Also, I'm new here and want first to give a large thanks to everyone who has contributed to the wealth of info on this forum! Eugene
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