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  1. Hi all! I have approximately 1400 gallons at 60 proof that's a mix of various distillates (beer, cider, and a little rum) from a variety of R&D trials. Perfect for re-distilling into vodka or sanitizer. Our cellar would like it gone, so if you can arrange and pay for your own shipping and have a valid DSP then we're willing to part with whole lot at the outrageous price of $0.00. Seriously, please help me out with this one... the cellar team may hurt me if I don't get rid of this... and Jessica is really scary. Product is currently stored in Santa Rosa, California. Additional details available upon request via email. If you're interested, please call me at 949-420-9463 or email me at Aaron@bevzero.com Thanks!!! -Aaron
  2. We have verified with the TTB that this re-distilled Bourbon is in fact still classified as Bourbon. It simply loses its age statement of any aging that occurred prior to being re-distilled. The original aging was in new char #4 standard 53 gallon barrels. The second aging is also in new char #4 standard size 53 gallon barrels in which they currently reside. I cannot share the reason for the distillation as it is proprietary.
  3. I have 37 barrels of 1YO of a unique Bourbon that I am looking to sell. This Bourbon was re-distilled in California using a specialized vacuum still from already 6 month old Indiana Bourbon (75% corn, 21% rye, 4% malt barley) and then re-barreled in charred New American Oak. The price per barrel is $975 EXW Bakersfield, California. It has an exceptional flavor as the vacuum distillation technique preserves much of the original 6 months of character derived from aging. Samples are available. Please PM me with your contact information if you are interested.
  4. The 6,500 gallon tank has sold already but we have another double walled tank 4,542 gallons in size that we are selling for $18,500.00 Dimensions are: Diameter- 6’ 8” Height- 18’ Please pm me with contact information if you're interested.
  5. I have a double walled explosion proof alcohol tank, sized for 6,500 gallons that is available immediately. EXW Santa Rosa, California for $29,000.00. If you're interested please send me a private message. Cheers!
  6. Need to move these barrels. Just cut the price significantly.
  7. Large number of barrels still available! Willing to negotiate on price with volume.
  8. Hello! I have 225 barrels of 100% malt whiskey, barreled down in new american oak, char #4. All barrels were filled on April 23rd, 2018. They're young but the quality is excellent. Unfortunately I can't continue to hold on to them. I'm hoping to find these barrels a happy new home at $1,000.00 ea. Please private message me with your phone number/email if you are interested. Edit: Just to answer a question that keeps coming up, all barrels are 53 gallons. 11/5 Edit: Reduced Price.
  9. Hello! I'm currently searching for used sherry barrels. If anyone has one or more that they're no longer using I would be very interested in purchasing them. Please message me and let me know what you have available and asking price. Cheers
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