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  1. Roger that..It was one of those things I hadn't considered until I was in another distillery's tasting room this weekend.
  2. I was wondering for use in mixed drinks in the tasting room, are there any TTB hoops to jump through if making liqueurs and bitters and such?
  3. Hey Ben, Are you available after say 5pm Eastern? - Kyle
  4. I am working on a plan to open a distillery in Augusta, GA. While I have until now looked at rolling solo, I am interested in entertaining the possibility of having a partner in this endeavor. What do I bring to the fight? I’m an 11 year Navy vet who has been a home brewer since he was 16 and have been working as an analyst for the past 15 years. Id like to make a variety of rums and vodkas, and maybe whiskey down the line. Augusta is kind of up and coming and is full of young tech folks and military members.
  5. Hello all, Figured I'd say hi. I am fairly new, been brewing beer for quite a while and am pushing towards a craft distillery in Augusta, GA. This forum has helped a lot, and I'm sure will continue to help. - Kyle
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