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  1. Hopefully in a year to 18 months it will be a reality. I still have a long way to go yet. Getting there slowly tho:)
  2. Good to know, I work in Richmond so if you need a hand I can give a little time if needed.
  3. Fruit flies are always a concern, I know someone that had 110 gal of apple cider vinegar after a few months, although very good vinegar it's costly and counterproductive to allow such a thing to happen. From my experience, fresh fruit has been best at quality but yields are lower due to using wild yeast from the orchard. I know very few folks using concentrate for batches over 50 gallons but they say it's been decent yields because they control the amount of concentrate to water ratios and it makes cleanup a cinch. Purees are ground so fine, that unless you can distill on the pulp it's not worth the effort to even try to syphon, rack or use a false bottom to retrieve the wort. If you have the option of a retort "thumper" rack the clear wort off and put the remains in the retort. It's like steam stripping and you'll get the rewards of the skins and pulp with lots more flavor and complexity. James
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    Damson plums

    I am also interested, I'm in eastern Va.
  5. JBillyB

    Sourcing Molasses

    I've been in contact with multiple sources for bulk molasses, the best I've yet to find is golden barrel in Pa. 688.00 For 2000lb tote. I'll be picking up myself so there's no delivery charge. Just wondering what kinds of prices others are paying for blackstrap. I know fancy is higher in sugars but blackstrap gives me the desired flavor profile I like so if anyone on the east coast has some resources they're willing to share, I'd gladly receive your response with much appreciation. James
  6. As the title says, I'm a complete rum nut and on a very serious mission. To make the finest single barrel rum available. I live in Middlesex Co. Va. in a small but highly frequented tourist town. I've been fascinated with distilling for some time now and have done enough research on rums and visited a few Jamaican distilleries in the last 3 years. I want to produce rum in the old fashioned way of the Caribbean, double retort potstill, traditional and high ester rums. I have a 2400 Sq ft building that meets most of what is necessary for local regulations and code. There will be minimal construction needed to meet requirements and I'm looking forward to moving forward. In addition to rum, I'll be sourcing local grains for bourbon, single malts and fruits for brandies. I have a meeting this Friday with the fire Marshall and county sherif to go over the building and propose my waste disposal program. I've also been in contact with local farmers about these matters and have for what I'm doing, things covered! For some of the grains and dunder I'll be on my own property be making compost along with other organics and sell what I can and use the rest on my own property. I've recently planted 3 varieties of plum (8 each) to make small batch brandy (Slivovitz) as a specialty item along with apple brandy from a locally sourced orchard. I have been working along with the Co. On a business plan to accommodate the scale of which I'll be producing. I'm not looking to be the next big thing and have no plans to quit my day job for the foreseeable future, what I plan to do is make the best possible products available! On to the next phase for now, thought I'd introduce myself and let folks know some of the interest I have in mind. Thanks for reading, James
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