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  1. What does everybody use to logo/mark their barrels? We're afraid of using traditional spray paint because of leaching and want to use something else. Thanks!
  2. What does everybody use to logo/mark their barrels? We're worried we'll get some leaching with traditional spray paint and want to use something else. Thanks.
  3. A blended whiskey of two separate straight bourbons (different mash bills) from the same state is still considered a STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY in the eyes of TTB, correct?
  4. Does anybody have any experience with North Star leasing company for distillery equipment?
  5. Is the pot still for sale? konnor@thirdwinddistilling.com
  6. Hey guys, We're getting ready for our first whiskey. I'm curious to know the different methods for proofing the whiskey. Not so much about measuring the proof but how to add the water and in what quantities? All at once? Segmented? Allow whiskey to sit a while after proofing before bottling, etc? Are there any subtleties I need to be aware of? Thanks for your input.
  7. Hey guys, What is the best way to eliminate the pungent corn smell in GNS? Redistillation? Thanks.
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