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  1. We use the XpressFill when doing our 50 mLs....works well. It has definitely saved us time/labour on doing the smaller runs of 50 mLs. The guys running it have had no complaints and love it a lot more than filling my hand!
  2. We used Cascades packaging down here in Southwestern Ontario.. I believe they have pretty widespread distribution. They will make custom packaging that is also compliant with provincial liquor stores specs.
  3. @Hudson bay distillers we are in South Western Ontario and using JT Tech Sales for our novozymes enzymes and purchasing in jerry cans. I also believe that DuPont sells Gusmer enzymes as welll.
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had an example of what an ideal set up for lab scale gin development would be? Any glassware that might mimic a gin basket? Should I do separate distillations of ingredients and then recombine? We will have a gin basket on the still we will be using. Any guidance is appreciated.
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