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  1. I am thinking about trying a Gin that uses cucumber and watermelon juice instead of water to proof down my boiler after maceration, has anyone tried this? i am obviously afraid of getting a vegetal/stew flavor but thought i would ask the experts. we have a shredder and press so i want to make use of it and watermelon and cucumber have a water content in the 90% range so the yield would be worth the time. Thoughts? ideas? guidance?
  2. Does anyone use the Whiskey Systems or Hoochware calc apps? if so how accurate are they in calculation proof/wine gallons and temp correction? Maybe WhiskeyResources could chime in?
  3. I will be in touch with you around early Summer, our program is new and i think it will take some schmoozin' to go after new equipment just yet. If only someone with knowledge of distilling was consulted before the initial purchase of "something shiny" we would be in a better place, but you know what they say, Do what you can with what you've got where you're at.
  4. Oh man, it is already a long day pushing 180 with a decent takeoff. 2 hour heat up and between 10 to 12 hour run. I just made the executive decision to re run this batch and turn it into Gin, it turned out well. we'll save neutrals for later after some equipment upgrades. our boiler will take up to an 8 inch so i will be shopping around and talking with some manufactures at CBC this year.
  5. How safe is it to run 60-70% on electric elements? ive always tried to stay below 40%.
  6. I'm pretty sure I've read just about every post here and now im just looking for some answers about my particular system. I am a distiller for a brewery and i think our equipment might be inadequate to run neutrals , we have a 6in column with 8 plates (fixed plates but removable) sitting on a 100gal electric boiler w/ four 5500 watt elements . Glycol coolant on depleg and prod condenser both controlled with separate ball valves. (i think this is a source of trouble but need some second opinions) i have packed the column with copper so that each plate has a solid 2-3 inches of mesh
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