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  1. We have recently opened a position for a head distiller for our Distillery in Atlantic City, NJ. Interested candidate, please review and submit your application through Indeed at the link below: https://www.indeed.com/job/head-distiller-16879bcad698b5b7
  2. I'd be interested in this. Would you please confirm and let me know if it has a steam jacket. Please call at 240 426-7843
  3. This Zambelli Tivoli 6 spout gravity fed bottle filler works well for wine, beer, or spirits and works well on any bottling line with bottle sizes up to 1 gallon. Was purchased new in June of 2020 for $1,750 and used for a 2 month project. All parts are in pristine condition http://www.zambellienotech.it/index.php/en/products/winemaking-equipment/item/filling-machine-tivoli Please contact us at info@littlewaterdistillery.com or 240 426-7843 with questions.
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