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  1. Happiest of Tuesday’s to you, dear reader, First and foremost, HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOURS!!! I know that in these ever ebbing and flowing times, sometimes it can be difficult to be thankful, especially in 2020!!! Especially when states are trying to limit your freedoms of who you can have in your home for the holiday, or how many. I TOTALLY get that, however, we must never despair, as there is always so much to be thankful for. Here is a quick list of things that I am incredibly thankful for this year: · YOU!!! I know it sounds cheesier that a 4 chee
  2. Good Tuesday to you, dear ADI Forum Reader, I hope you are all well and doing great. Quick personal update … I am still dealing with pneumonia, however, I am doing better than most (Superhero and all) and I am hopeful that by this weekend I will be in prime-super-form once again. OK, on to the hot topic at hand for today’s TMIT – Cancellation due to non-pay. As we all know, it has been a topsy-turvy world in 2020 and things have been difficult for many. Not to rehash the past, or pontificate ad nauseam on the future, but shut-downs, stay-at-homes, business closures, limi
  3. Happiest Thursday to you, dearest reader, I know it has been a while and I am sure you are thirsting for a new TMIT by this point. I looked back and I believe the last posting I graced you with was around June the 1st. That means that it has been nearly 5 months since you have heard from me. My most sincere apologies to you for “Leavin’ ya hangin’!” As you know, summers generally are quite a busy time for a myriad of reasons, and I do not post much during those months. Family time, nice weather, and fighting the insurance battle is quite time consuming during the warm w
  4. Happiest and greatest of Tuesday mornings to you dear ADI-ers, My oh my … how long has it been since I last sat in my lair to pen a TMIT?!?! Too long is the correct answer. Summertime always seems to be a new level of busy, and this year that too has been taken to the “n-th” degree. First and foremost, I hope my writing finds you all doing well, staying healthy, and hopefully enjoying as much of the nice weather as is possible, despite the current level of weirdness, wherever you are. I am certainly one of the fortunate few. Here in Sheridanopolis, things have remained
  5. @hiredguns and @Naked Spirits Distillery, Gentlemen, you are too kind! Thank you so much. @ncataldo, I just shot over a response to your message as well. I look greatly forward to speaking with you.
  6. Hello fellow ADI-goers, I write today’s installment of the Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit (TMIT) with a heavy heart. A heart that goes out to all of those throughout not only our country, but the world. As we all know, these last several days have seen unprecedented acts of brutality, destruction, loss of life, loss of property, loss of respect, and in many ways, loss of humanity on several fronts. I am not here to pull out a political soapbox, nor am I here to take sides or debate any of the situations gripping our nation and the world. Rather I am here to prov
  7. Most glorious of Tuesday mornings to you, dearest reader!!! Although spring has not yet sprung here in Sheridanopolis, and the day is a bit cold and grey, rest assured that it is one of the most glorious days in years!!! As many of you know from posts pasts, every superhero has a weakness. I had two, but one of them now is powerless over me!!! If you are a regular reader, which you should be by this point, you know that one of my weaknesses is getting wood splinters in my eye. Still susceptible to that one … I think … I do not want to find out, really. The other
  8. Good Day to you, Dear Reader, I truly hope this installment of the TMIT finds you healthy and in good spirits. As things get back to the “old normal”, (at least that is what I am calling it) as several states are either loosening restrictions or throwing the doors back open completely, I want to point out a few potential insurance issues to keep in the back of your mind. Many of my distillery, brewery, meadery, and winery friend are now being allowed to have some limited outdoor seating areas for their tasting room operations. Although the restrictions vary dependi
  9. Good Day My Dearest ADI Readers, Ah … the days continue to come and go, and things have been VERY BUSY in the world of InsuranceMan 2.0!!! No binge-watching Tiger King at my fortress of solitude!!! During these temporarily strange times, it is great to know that so many of you are out there still producing your products, making sanitizer products, and yes, many of you are still opening new distilleries. It warms my super-heart to know that things are still moving along, albeit in a direction that we did not necessarily plan on for the time being. With that, I know
  10. Good day to you wonderful ADI’ers, In this installment of the TMIT, I am going to keep things short and sweet. As this pandemic wreaks havoc upon our world daily and forces us to change many of our day-to-day activities, it is important to keep up with and stay fluid in regard to many different aspects of our lives. A few weeks back it was the battle to have insurance companies allow for the sale or donation of hand sanitizer. ***** Quick update to that as well, Philadelphia Insurance Companies has come out and stated the following on this topic: ”We can now confirm
  11. Safe and healthy Friday to you all, I know that I missed the Tuesday installment of the TMIT, but I did want to get a post out to all of you today. As you may or may not know, I sit on the City Council in Sheridanopolis and recently my time has been devoted to a localized issue that I know many of you may be facing on a national level as well. It fells like months ago, but it was just recently I was fighting the insurance companies to allow for the manufacturing of hand sanitizer. Now, I have been embroiled in the crafting of an ordinance that has taken a lot of
  12. All, Please see my other post on this, Philadelphia insurance also has now finally come out (after much priding on my part), and said that as long as you are “donating” you sanitizer product, you are covered. If you are charging for it, different story. Call me with questions! Stay Vigilant, Aaron Linden a.k.a. InsuranceMan2.0!!! 307-752-5961 aaron@roaringforkins.com or insurancman2.0@yahoo.com
  13. All, Please be aware, Philadelphia Insurance Company has now also come out and said that if you are “donating” the sanitizer product, they will cover it as well! Big NEWS!!! If you are selling it, different scenario, call me. Call me with questions. I have been working on this for quite some time, and this is big news. Let’s beat this thing, people!!! Stay Vigilant, Aaron Linden a.k.a. InsuranceMan 2.0!!! 307-752-5961 aaron@roaringforkins.com or insurancman2.0@yahoo.com
  14. All, Not to place a damper on this in any way, there is one other aspect to contemplate aside from the Fed's and the TTB. That aspect is YOUR INSURANCE. Please see the post here: Before you jump in full throttle on the sanitizer bandwagon, you may want to make a call to your insurance provider to see if they will cover you for this none-contemplated liability exposure. If it is not on the policy as a General Liability Hazard Classification Code, you may not have insurance coverage if something were to happen. Make the call, then make the sanitizer. I am all for it an
  15. Good Thursday afternoon to you out there in ADI-Land, I wanted to give you some good news here today. We all can use good news, right?!?!? In light of all of the craziness and hording of items, many distilleries around the country have taken to manufacturing hand sanitizer. Brilliant! Kudos to those of you who can and are doing this in order to help folks out! Although I am a HUGE proponent of distilleries doing this, my “insurance-brain” kicked in and I thought to myself, “ Hummm … Well, ‘InsurancMan 2.0!!!’, hand sanitizer is not necessarily a rated liability
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