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  1. We are trying to make the switch from Whiskey Systems to OnBatch, and it has been...interesting. I'm not sure if anyone else has had the same experience, but it feels like I've been given the keys to a car that I can start, but don't know how to make it move, and there's no instructions or FAQ. I had a personal Zoom call with their team (who are all friendly and willing to help, to be fair) where we laid out step by step how to do everything, and then a week later it turns out "no, you're missing steps" 🤨
  2. Yes, she came in and did some work, but that was before my time and so much has changed since then. I have a feeling she only helped with an initial blend for the first product release, because our filter set up was...extreme...when I started. Other than the owner and our sales manager (who are both completely hands off of the production area), I am the longest lasting employee and can't make heads or tails of the decisions made when CW first started.
  3. Hey all, have you (or someone you know) completed the James B Beam Distillation/Brewing certificate program at University Of Kentucky? I am debating applying, but the cost is not cheap. At $500+ per credit hour, I'd like to know if you found that the program is worth it. What benefits did you receive from going to that over say, Moonshine University classes, or other programs? Thanks!
  4. We have a scheduled sit down with OnBatch next week to see how it compares to Whiskey Systems. The recent price increase forced us to look into alternatives. Whiskey Systems seems to be okay with losing smaller distilleries in the hopes the bigger ones will pay the increased prices. We will see if it's a wise move for them in the long run
  5. For emptying barrels, we've used everything from a pump (most common), to a siphon (less common and slow, but it works for certain situations), to loading barrels up on a forklift and dumping into an open tank with some wire mesh over it to catch char (Makes dumping 5-10 barrels go very quickly).
  6. We had a hell of a time today getting our mash pumped over and I came here looking for ideas...and I see someone nearby in Brunswick is having some issues with pumps too...I have a feeling I know which distillery! Hi! Thanks for the malt for sanitizer!
  7. We are all in on Whiskey Systems. So many great resources if you use it correctly...if not, it's a real pain. Being able to access it on a laptop, phone, or iPad helps too
  8. You know, the guy at Smoke Wagon made an interesting comment the other day regarding proofed whiskey...he tried a sample of something he said had just been proofed, so the "chemical reaction was still happening" and it needed to cool down. What exactly is that reaction? We have been bottling right after final proof and now I'm wondering if we are doing it all wrong....
  9. Thank you for the responses! I hadn't really thought about mold, because it tasted so much like craft whiskey's I've tried (without naming names) from Brooklyn to here in Ohio to Sonoma, and while I didn't like it, couldn't imagine someone making that and going "Mold? Go ahead and sell it". It has been humid here lately, and the bags of grain are not stored in climate controlled areas, so some moisture from the air may have taken hold of the remaining bags. It was just strange because the bags on top all produced a normal batch, but then one layer lower and we get the cardboard.
  10. Hey all...Weird question. Two weeks ago, we did our first 100% corn mash instead of our usual rye-forward bourbon mash, and everything looked and smelled normal throughout the ferment, not too different then our usual mash. PH looked fine, everything was good. Low wines smelled normal as well. We mashed that same 100% corn recipe again last week, and the ferment had a different, "cheese" smell. Okay so the alarms in my head started to sound right away. We went ahead and did our low wines run, and it has a distinct "wet cardboard" aroma. I've smelled and tasted this in a lot of the craft bourbons I've tried, and I was wondering if anyone knows what I'm talking about and can help point out what causes that. We are giving our fermentation tank a deep, DEEP clean in case there is something off growing in there
  11. bconley

    Neck tags

    We have always done hang tags explaining the product/process...no COLA required.
  12. Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself since I'll be posting more. I've been working at Cleveland Whiskey in Cleveland for 3+ years now in the distillery on production and new product development. Yes, we do things a little differently than other distilleries. Ask me about it some time! I like bourbon. I like visiting distilleries and asking about pumps, filtering, and talking about tri-clamps and fittings. Hoping to learn how to make our products better with the shared knowledge on this site, and am also slowly working on a single barrel/private label line of bottles and a whiskey blog (focused on inside stuff, not so much latest gossip or bottle releases)!
  13. Believe me, I do, but 5+ years in, my boss isn't changing his mind
  14. Hello! We currently use two different filtering methods on our different bourbons, and I'm starting to wonder if we are filtering TOO much out this way. Just wondering what everyone else is doing out there to see if we are doing TOO much filtering. Thanks! Set Up 1: Chill Filtered Plate & Frame (39, 1 micron pads per 250 gallons bourbon) Set Up 2: Chill Filtered 2 Can Filters (1 micron and 10 micron per 250 gallons bourbon) - Does it matter which filter the whiskey hits first before moving to the next? I'd love to just go full on NCF ran through a single bag filter, but my boss is terrified of sediment 😪
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