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  1. We are looking for quotes for the following stainless steel tank sizes: Capacities (quantities): 10,000 gallon net (2); 5,000 gallon net (2); 1,000 gallon net (5) ASME dished/flanged heads 18" Outlet height 304 Stainless steel Top Head fittings: 3" triclamp for mushroom vent, 2" triclamp for inlet, larger hole for mixer Shell fittings: 1.5" triclamp ferrule for level sensor, manway Bottom head fitting: 2" triclamp outlet Single wall, no heat transfer needed. These are for beverage alcohol, not hand sanitizer. We are interested in best quality
  2. Thank you so much Starcat for the much needed belly laugh. I had no idea Russian trolls had infiltrated the ADI Forums, but here we are!
  3. Sorry if this had been covered - the search function may not have been working when I tried looking through older forum posts on my phone before posting. To reiterate what some other have said, and add my own thoughts: Don't try to sell this stuff. We're using it in our tasting room because our county is sold out. Pay taxes on everything, always. Never use heads in anything that will touch a human. Methanol and humans are chemically incompatible in every possible way. I did speak with the manager of a high-volume corporate pharmacy today about sanitizer. He has recei
  4. Aloe is pretty expensive, and was currently unavailable in Bloomington. The general point of the post is that you can use any emollient, just make use of what is available to you. And while 60% is a good target, better to err on the side of more ABV and target 70% in case of measurement errors.
  5. Hi everyone. We made up a batch of hand sanitizer from GNS because Bloomington is completely sold out. I wrote up our recipe here, and would love you're input on this: https://www.cardinalspirits.com/thedrop/hand-sanitizer-recipes We’ve seen other distilleries talking about using heads for making sanitizer. While this is probably a fine idea for sanitizing non-porous non-coated surfaces, it’s not smart to use on human skin. Methanol is bad for us, which is why we remove it in the first place, right? Anyhow, here are our recipe ideas… Hand sanitizer is simply alcohol + emol
  6. Hello all, I'm looking to purchase a 2-3yr old Irish whisky. Initial order QTY will be 800 gallons, we're ok with barrels or totes. Total annual volume is likely 2,500 gallons. Please email quirk@cardinalcopacking.com. Thanks, Adam
  7. Hi all, is there any way to download the signed copy of an approved Transfer In Bond application from the TTB permits online website? I can see the copy I uploaded before it was approved, but need the one that is signed by the director.
  8. Hi David - for another distillery we can sell them at $7.75/glass. If you order 50, we can come down to $7.60. 100 and it's down to $7.45.
  9. If you're looking for tasting glasses, we can help you out: http://cardinalspirits.com/market/whiskey-glasses Should be back in stock next week. If you're looking for other bar glassware, we are very happy with our orders from Zesco.com. Libbey and MCIC are both great quality at reasonable prices. AQ
  10. North Star were you approved?
  11. Hi Ed, We are in the early stages of forming a guild of Indiana distillers, so you're reaching out at a great time. We've had two meetings so far at Sunking in Indy, and will be scheduling our next in the coming week or so. Have you been on that email thread? If not, shoot me an email at quirk@cardinalspirits.com and we'll make sure you get an invite. Best, Adam
  12. Salishesea: we can do $7.30 for 200, so $1,460 total. As for glass size and the properties I find the nose works just as well with a smaller volume, but you should try it first to see for yourself. Shoot me an email with your mailing address quirk@cardinalspirits.com Thanks, AQ
  13. We do a $0.15 quantity discount at 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 (so 7.60, 7.45, 7.30, 7.15 respectively). But I can do 7.60 for 36 glasses. I'm getting on a plane to denver now. Shoot me an email with your address and I will get a glass in the mail to you when I return. Quirk@cardinalspirits.com Thanks! AQ
  14. Hi all, We've been selling these little whiskey glasses from our online store and have seen some good traction with them. We're friends with the designer, and he is selling them in stores in Indiana. For those of you outside of Indiana, we can offer them to you at wholesale price ($7.75/each plus quantity discounts), with an agreement that you won't sell them online or in the state of Indiana. They make for a great combination nosing/tasting glass, feel great in the hand, and look very unique. I've written about the reasoning behind the design, and created some graphics you can see at the
  15. Roger - the founders contributed a few years of work researching and planning, and a small amount of capital (five figures). Dehner - We like to think we know the basics of what we're doing.
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