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  1. hi! I have a question for you guys in my mind the blue juniper berries is what we need for gin, but i just heard some use the green ones? is there truth to this or just a preference? Thanks
  2. I heard it's the green one not the blue one they use in the gin , is thios true??
  3. This was my updated version of the distillery , a bit smaller and rack house with door to separate from all other things that could influence or alter the product taste, and the tasting room was updated too.
  4. i was thinking for proofing down to desired % distilled water or reverse osmosis sys.
  5. yes i have changed it in a different post , this is what i came up with
  6. https://www.eskawater.com/faq/ look this is the analysis of the water in the number 7 on this site; https://www.eskawater.com/faq/ if you see something to add to the distillery let me know what you think?
  7. We will be using the best spring water in the world, but we wont use to much treatment for it.
  8. Hi!, AM trying to figure out floor space in a potential building and in the garage is 38' x 50' x 17,9 high , two garage doors 12' witch is on the right on the plan left section is tasting room and office etc . Is it possible to have 300 gallon still for gin and a 600 gallon still & rectification column 20 plates in that floor space for vodka and whisky? is it too much? what size do i need the fermenters to be and mash plus a stripping still size so it doesn't bottleneck for 4-5 days a week production? After that we need a space for empty and full bottle palets, bottling section and storage tanks, storage space grain & barrels. Am i losing my time with this place? The plan is to get 60 000 x 750ML bottles a year at it maximum potential. Thank you for your feedback if am missing things or else let me know!
  9. Elixir


    Vendom are like the Ferrari of stills , a piece of art, but expensive , i'd like to own one for sure. where are you located? to suggest other companies i have been searching too?
  10. Hi i am trying to convert a production of 60 000 bottles. My question is how you guys would do it? 4-5 days a week distilling? and bottleling etc? What size of stills would you use?
  11. Hi everyone, i am currently looking for box supplier in Québec, Canada for our future spirits bottles any leads? Thank you !
  12. I purchased last year the online class 499$ very informative and lots of content and documents , time saving for sure if you want to start your distillery!
  13. Thanks HedgeBird for sharing your taught, i have been busy to make changes on my floor plan with your opinion, I work on getting thing closer together and better work flow, i added a lab too , but as for the tasting room didn't change it yet but i will do re position and get it larger a bit and back room too check this out
  14. Hey Guys i need your feedback from the experienced distiller on the layout of out future distillery, let me know what you think and i take all comments in consideration to avoid possible future mistakes.Here's the video of my virtual tour of our distillery. Here is a video of the virtual tour and explanation a i go thru it. virtual tour layout.avi
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