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  1. We are looking for a Hammer Mill. We have a roller mill right now and are looking to make a switch. New or used is fine. I would like some pictures and stats on the machine. We currently do 1,300 LBS/Hour and want something much faster. 4-5Klbs corn / Hour range or higher depending on price.
  2. I have two 850 Gallon Fermentors for sale made by Custom Metal Craft They are jacketed on one side for cooling. We have expanded our operations which is the reason for selling. Asking $8,000 per fermentor or $7,500 if you want both. Both with be cleaned before shipped. Email me with any questions or if you would like the spec sheet on the fermentors. tommy@jriegerco.com
  3. What type of discharge do you use? Any way I could get a picture or video of your setup? If so my email is tgrappold@gmail.com Any info would be awesome. Thanks!
  4. We currently use a 6 roller mill but it takes to long to mill now. So we are looking into hammer mills. I was going to see if anyone on here used them. I’m interested in brands and really any useful information you may have. Feed rates, size of discharged grain, discharge and feeding system, ect. thanks for reading.
  5. 16ft Diameter Big Ass Fan Everything works as it should, we just don't have the ceiling space for it anymore. Electrical: 400-480 Volt/ 3 Phase Included: ----Motor With attached VSD ----6 Blades ----VSD wall mounted control Price: $3,750 plus shipping
  6. Custom Metal Craft fully Jacketed Tank Was used as a cold water tank with a glycol in the jacket for cooling Mashes. Price is 10,000 OBO Email me for any questions for Cut Sheet. tommy@jriegerco.com
  7. Two Custom Metal Craft Fermentors 850 gallon open top fermentors. Price: $8,000 OBO Will take $15,000 if bought together. Email me for any questions. Tommy@jriegerco.com
  8. 1,000 Gallon Tank The tank was used as cold water storage tank. We have expanded to a larger system and have no need for the tank. Jacketed on all 4 sides. Brand: Custom Metal Craft $10,000 Or Best Offer Email for any questions, Spec Sheet, or other photos Ready to ship tommy@jriegerco.com Or Call: 913-439-9447 Have other equipment for sale as well
  9. 850 Gallon Fermentors for sale (Have 2 for sale) Open Top Square 5'X5' and 6' Tall 2" Cam Lock Valve They have a jacket on the back side for cooling Asking $7,250/Tank OBO Contact me for any questions or Spec Sheet Tommy@jriegerco.com or call/text 913-439-9447
  10. We have tried Citric Acid. We don't want to use caustic. Main reason is because we are shutdown at the moment and have no way to fill the tanks with water. We just rinse the fermentors out daily, But we have very hard water here in KC.
  11. Seeing if anyone has ever cleaned the white residue off of their fermentors. We think it is Calcium (4 years of buildup). Have tried CLR, Lime Away, Beerstone remover, Grinder, Wire Brush. Any Ideas what to try next?
  12. SPX Aqua Tower Cooling Tower 5 H.P. Fan I have attached a link to the specs https://spxcooling.com/library/detail/marley-aquatower-cooling-tower Price: $6,000 OBO Email me for any questions or the owners manual tommy@jriegerco.com or Call me at 913-439-9447 It will be cleaned. The red on there is dirt and sediment. NOT rust. Will post new pictures once cleaned. Once cleaned (by mid next week) it will be ready to be shipped
  13. Have two Poly Tanks for sale 3,000 Gallon (30 Degree Cone Bottom/ Stainless Steel Valve) ----$2,500 1,150 Gallon (15 Degree Cone Bottom/ Stainless Steel Valve) ----$1,500 Email me for any questions Tommy@jriegerco.com
  14. 550 Gallon Hot water tank. (With Insulated Jacket) Direct steam injection hookup 2" Drain $6,500 OBO Email for Spec Sheet (Has placement of inlets and Outlets for Steam) tommy@jriegerco.com
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