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  1. @Langdon Guenther Would you be able to send me her contact information?
  2. Buffalo Molasses: 1830 Perry Rd North Java NY 14113 (716)572-7369 Buffalomolasses.com
  3. Has anyone worked with Keen Beverage? If you have or have heard of them could you provide me with how you feel about there service.
  4. I'm opening a farm distillery in Upstate NY and with the TTB shutdown I can't get labels approved. My origenal timeline was going to have me able to start producing by end of month and selling in February, but without labels I don't think I can sell anything. Does anyone know what we do if the shutdown doesn't end anytime soon? Am I just out of luck and need to just twiddle my thumbs until I can get my labels? Any insight on this subject would be helpful.
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