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  1. I am guessing you don't have the option to weigh your ferments?
  2. Fair, the others have more contrast. Thank you.
  3. I just recently did 4 designs for our new sales sheets. I am posting just one of them here. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone had feedback before I print the lot. thank you Gin Sheet Back.pdf
  4. Thank you. I believe we have reached out to Distillery-Equipment and were told the lead time would be too great for us. However, this was my colleague and not myself, so I am not 100% sure about that. While I am still holding out for the option of used equipment, I would love to hear what you have available in stock. I will be in contact with Paul. Thanks
  5. We are upgrading our space from 100 gal internal electric and are in need of a steam jacketed still between 250-300 gal. We are open to new or used (given the design / price is right for us). Ideally we would like a pot/column hybrid with 4 plates and a gin basket, but may be open to start with just pot or just kettle-column. We will be producing American whiskey from ferment, as well as vapor infusing NGS that has been macerated for gin, etc. We are also looking for a relative boiler that can serve our 300 gal mash tun as well (5,000ft elevation). or any kind of relative sized equip
  6. Hey all, Considering this is "American Distilling Institute" I am unaware of how many Nordic users are floating about the forums, but I believe I have seen some in the past! Anyhow, I currently distill in Colorado, USA for Mobb Mountain Distillers. I will be visiting Oslo and surrounding areas this April and was wondering if anyone would be up for a brief international collaboration? Or at least recommendations of an establishment to visit. I am visiting a friend who will be working a decent amount, so I am fairly open. I have no experience in this specific part of the world, but wo
  7. I am interested in a slew of the equipment.. the still, pallet jacks, chiller, stainless totoes, boiler, etc.. If you have any interest in selling individual equipment, please contact me. Thank you!
  8. Do you have any photos or a link available?
  9. Okay, if you can contact Noah via e-mail we would like to discuss. Noah doesn't use the forums. Thanks.
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