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  1. hey guys, it was all great information from everyone. I appreciate all the help.
  2. Hello, I am trying to cost out a plan for a potential distillery. I plan on buying bulk grain to distill vodka eventually whiskey, however I am finding it hard to find a company that provides this in Canada and what the approximate cost is. Does anyone know how much and who provides grain in Canada? I mean with the large prairies we should have tonnes of this for sale. Thanks
  3. Hello, I am trying to determine costing for a potential distillery in terms of the production process. Does anyone know what approximate percentage of alcohol after fermentation (before distilling) I will get from a typical grain mash? Here are some points: Making Vodka/gin Using 1000 L (265 gallon) fermenter Planning to use enzymes I am looking for approximate numbers based on experience. Thanks
  4. Hello, I am putting together a costing estimate for a potential distillery. Does anyone know how much enzymes is used in a typical fermentation phase and where I can purchase some as well as an approximate cost? I plan on making vodka/gin in the first year with grains (probably wheat). Just looking for typical or rule of thumb estimate. Thanks
  5. Thanks, this helps me big time. I think the ratio is generally 4 to 1, i.e. 2 pounds of mash per 8.34 pounds (1 gallon) of water.
  6. Hello, I am currently making a business plan for a potential distillery. Currently I am trying to create a dollar amount of the total cost of production, and one of the costs is the grain used for the process. Does anyone know approximately how much grain is used for fermenting? I am planning on making vodka/gin and later on whiskey. My fermented and still pot size is 500 liters (130 gallons). Thanks
  7. Hello, I am going to be building a distillery hopefully in the next year of so. I am interested in perhaps getting continuous still which I have just heard of, but my knowledge is very limited. I am looking for information about a continuous still as per the following: What are the advantages/disadvantages? Who builds these and can I get a costing? Why is there no cooling required? Does anyone have an engineering drawing example of one? Or know where I can find? Maybe a video showing how one works? I see there are industrial ones (oil refineries) on YouTube but looking for a distillery specific. It should be noted that these are my parameters: Will be making vodka and gin. Hopefully will get into whiskey two or three years later. Fermented medium does not contain solid particles. Hoping to complete 2000 liters (528 gallons) per 6-8 hours cycle. Space is no problem, (I know that the columns are tall). I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know what temperature I will require for the condenser and deplemigator? Also what temperature I can expect on the outlet of the condenser once it has been heated up? Or a delta of the water in to water out?
  9. This is all great information. At this time I am in the design phase and need to take in consideration: - Do I either run water through the condenser and collect it for reuse, open loop system - Do I recirculate chiller water through the condenser I guess I need to figure out what the starting temperature of the water will be (i.e. the tap temp). This will essentially decide the need for a chiller or not. I may get a chiller sized/costed out anyway, will contact Southernhighlander. Question: - What is the minimal lowest temperature that a condenser requires? Or a temperature range? I will be distilling vodka and Gin but will also be starting whisky and rum in a couple of years. Thanks, Brad
  10. That is actually pretty smart, never thought of it that way. Do you know how much water I would approximately use? I don't have a size of my condenser now (still being designed) but its for a 130 gallon (500L) still so my fermenters will also be 500L.
  11. Hello, Has anyone have experience with a closed loop recirculation for the water needed for the condenser and deplemigator? Where I am going to be operating there are strict rules on waste water and I will get charged for all that goes down the drain. Since I am new to this I am not sure what is in industry standard on the equipment (more specifically the chiller) that I can use for this. Please note that I am a small craft distillery with a 500L (130 gallon) pot still, will be producing vodka and gin. Looking for a cost affordable solution. if you require any additional information please let me know. Thanks, Brad
  12. Thanks for the contact information. I will reach out to Ray.
  13. Hello, I am hoping someone can help me. I am starting a distillery and will be going with a 500L (130 gallon) steam pot still, I am wanting to know if someone can point me in the way to get an affordable steam boiler. Here are my parameters: - 500L (130 gallon) pot still - Furnace oil or Diesel only (natural gas not available) - looking for close loop system - I live in Canada, don't mind ordering from the US if needed I did some looking around and I am hoping something like this is what I can get: http://www.columbiaboiler.com/mph-boilers.htm Looking forward to any advise you can give me. Thanks, Brad
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