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  1. Yes it is, no agitator though. Straight up fermenter with a glycol jacket.
  2. That’s a very good question to which I truly wish I had an answer. I bought it at auction and have used it several times now. It has a vacuum break on the top and a triclamp tube for venting that I drop in a bucket of water to maintain a seal. But as a fermenter theres not a lot of pressure to rate that I’m familiar with.
  3. "Good as new" used 20 barrel fermenter. I picked this up from the Oak & Dagger auction and as it turns out, the wife was right. We need the money more than we need this amazingly beautiful piece of jacketed, polished, stainless steel! Jacketed for glycol and ready to roll out the door on a dolly I put together for this beast. Comes with a free sample of our whiskey & distillery tour when you pick it up.(Both original Greatest Of All Time & Reaper Whiskey!) C78FE52B-0E7D-4B9A-82C8-580DC4194BB6.heic EE59761E-F491-4B41-A2A0-AD36E7D0C00B.heic 102D69A4-8DDA-4F1F-8B0E-8C2CD13C5F25.heic 6D2B3518-0FCC-49B8-8944-70C5ADE5622D.heic E1887691-225B-4AE1-B756-80364AB9F7C2.heic 0C948752-6D03-4319-8210-93BBB4EB54C1.heic 2C5D4F2B-1B77-49B3-9E92-6C33C6AE53A4.heic 31F038D0-8B68-48A2-86F0-8D5E04F39420.heic
  4. Can’t do split labels on any of them.
  5. We use a round glass bottle for our 750s and a small plastic 50ml. Also need the ability to roll a front and back label on the glass so ZAP doesn’t fit the bill. I do like the price though!
  6. I’m looking for your experienced opinion here. We are currently bottling by hand and it’s, uh, “getting out of hand!” What Labeler do you use and what has your experience been? (Good and bad, I know nothing is perfect in our world!) Would you recommend your labeler or another one? Thanks!
  7. Selling an 8” Stainless Steel column with 6 plates. 3” condenser (& parrot assembly that I’m not using!) $7,000 buyer pays freight. Runs like a scalded dog!
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