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  1. Sounds like we were one of the luckier ones and actually got some of our equipment. The tanks look perfectly fine, and we’ve been tempted to use them but would rather have the space, we were looking for pressurized for our particular setup. Asked for a car and received a motorcycle. Their response was “ well it still does the same thing.”
  2. Members 0 2 posts Report post Posted May 2 New 1000 Gallon Stainless Fermentation Tanks. 200 Gallons of head space Tri- Clamp Connections Dish Bottom Single wall, with Stainless Coil for heating/cooling Comes with agitation assembly (motors, propellers, etc) CIP sprayball setup Tanks have never been used, they were just made to incorrect specs that did not work with our operation. Plates with motor and tank specs are included in the photos. Asking $7500 a piece Email is preferred Thank You
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