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  1. Don't tell Pernod-Ricard, they'll start sinking barrels of Jefferson's!
  2. Yes, but trying to solve a production problem today and DYE will be a one-week solution at best. Thanks
  3. Looking for the replacement for the nylon bearing that is at the end of a DYE agitator shaft. TIA Kris
  4. NO! There is a mixture of new American Oak and used bourbon barrels.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AFESMDS Sides x 12 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0085UZMAA Roof x 2 Use a carbide hole saw.
  6. Dave Thanks for everything you've done for this forum and Golden Beaver Distillery. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement. Kris
  7. We bought this labeler/heat shrink from Stumpy's two years ago and it turns out it will not work with the tall labels we have decided to use for the majority of our bottles. Paid $7,500. Will sell for $5,000 FOB Chico, CA. See @Stumpy's post for the sales history and videos. Images with the housing covers off.
  8. Moisture from rain, dew and snow will leech into the barrel. Overall, not legal or a good practice. You can store in outbuildings or storage containers like a shipping connex that can be locked with a TTB approve lock.
  9. Hugo We use propane as our fuel source, too. Recommend, steam jacketed and low-pressure boiler.
  10. We use an Xpressfill filler - https://xpressfill-com.3dcartstores.com/Volumetric-High-Proof-Spirits-4-Spout-Bottle-Filler--XF460HP_p_28.html A cheap handle capper from Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Machine-Handheld-Electric-Sealing-Diameter/dp/B08B3ZHM5H/ref=sr_1_47?dchild=1&keywords=bottle+capper&qid=1623109524&sr=8-47 Laber is a Bottle-matic II -https://www.propacksolutions.com/bottle-matic-16-ii-label-applicator.html We do 50mm, 375mm and 750mm with this system. We also use a Mori 6 head gravity filler.
  11. In your case use LibDib.com You still need to do the sales leg work but they can do the warehousing without the rent cost and permitting. Also gets you out of doing A/R and chasing $$$ from your on and off premise accounts.
  12. The other option is to immediately ship to your wholesaler's warehouse after you bottle and avoid storing onsite completely. Good luck.
  13. That's the easiest way. You will need to check with your Fire Marshall on how much you can store. You will also need to add the container to your DSP TTB and CO ABC.
  14. Got room for a shipping container on the current DSP?
  15. No Fire Marshall issues. We vented using small round vents on the sides (15 of them) and two roof vents. Remember that alcohol is heaver than air so the side vents need to be at floor level.
  16. Looking for a couple of new or used plugs for one of our little stills. Thanks Kris
  17. You just adding the rings between the plates?
  18. I really don't want to make vodka but there is a call for gluten-free vodka that we can produce from our rice spirit in a third distillation with the column.
  19. Yes, 20' x 3 rows = 54 barrels. Cost of the container, timber, hardware and paint comes in at $4K. Depreciated over 3 years, costs you $24 per year/per barrel to store them. BTW, the taper is 9 degrees. The ends of the 4x4 in the middle are tied with 1/2" pipe sunk in 4" on each end. Allows you to pull them apart to remove the rails easily.
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