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  1. Thank you so much Alex, you've been kind. I got a lot of useful info, thanks. Ps: congratulations on yesterday's victory, Ukraine played an incredible match h
  2. Alex thank you so much for your response and for the explanation. I should have studied more physics in school, you just made me a really happy man I forgot to mention in my previous post a "little detail", I'll be distilling with a single pass through a 4 plates column, so once the water leaves the condenser will go to the dephlegmator and that will Increase for sure temperature, but according to you calculations even if the final temp of water was 70C after leave the dephlegmator 600 liters/water x hour will be still ok, right? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm in the process to start a micro-distillery in a rural area in Sicily, south of Italy. I asked t an engineer to calculate the size of a similar system, but the power of the chiller and the dimensions of the tanks are much bigger compared with the numbers I'm reading here, 3 times bigger. Could someone take a look? I'll use a 600l (150 gallons) still. The numbers I got from the still manufactured are the following: Condenser water in: 20C /68F Condenser water out: 70C / 158F 1500 liters/ 398 gallons per hour of recirculated water on the condenser Considering that we'll distill twice a day during harvesting season I should consider 16 hours of use per day. 398*16= 6300 gallons of HOT WATER to cool EVERY DAY what we're missing? Thanks! Hugo Gallardo (2).pdf
  4. Thank you Adam, all clear now.
  5. Hi Andy, we'll produce grappa but not as a main product. We'll start producing a Gin with local botanicals (Sicily produce if not the best one of the best citrus fruits in the world), but our flagship product will be fresh juice sugarcane Rum.
  6. Thank you so much for the advise. What I'd like to understand is why LOW PRESSURE; safety? performance?
  7. Hi from Italy, We're in the process to open a small artisan distillery in Sicily, Italy. After considering all our possibilities we decided to use propane to fired our still, we're in a rural area so natural gas wasn't an option, electricity is too expensive. We haven't purchased our still yet and we have 2 possible solutions: 1. Oil Baine Marie pot still heated by a propane burner 2. Steam jacketed pot still fired by a propane steam boiler. My question is regarding the steam boiler, it MUST be a LOW-PRESSURE steam boiler? Thanks Hugo
  8. Hello from Italy, we're in a similar situation than navenjohnson and after consider all our options we decided to proceed with a propane fired steam boiler for our future 150 gallons still. my question is, it must be a LOW PRESSURE steam boiler? Thanks! Hugo
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