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  1. Thanks Silk - Tried all of those things with the same result. I just submitted formulas less than a month ago with no problems. Just with I could get a response from the TTB Help Desk.
  2. This has become very frustrating. It's been 10 days and no solutions to this issue. None of the TTB recommended fixes have worked. Doesn't matter what ISP is used or where I attempt to login from, I get the same "too many redirects" message. And now I can't get a response from them. In the meantime, I've got products I'm waiting to release and can't look up the formulas to reference on the COLA application.
  3. Update - TTB sent me this: Dear Industry Member, TTB is aware of an ongoing issue with a small number of users unable to connect to ttbonline.gov (including COLAS, Formulas, and Permits Online) using IPv6 protocol with some Internet Service Providers (ISPs). TTB has fully investigated and confirmed this is not an issue with TTB applications or network. Please contact your ISP to report this issue for them to resolve. Users have been able to resolve this issue by switching internet providers (e.g. using hotspot or phone) or by using IPv4 only and disabling IPv6. Thanks, TTB Help Desk
  4. Haven't been able to log into the formula page since last Friday. Keep getting the following message "ttbonline.gov redirected you too many times." Have tried all of the known fixes for that problem and tried logging in on multiple computers so it seems like it may be on their end. Wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem? Have an inquiry into the TTB but haven't yet heard back. COLA page is not a problem.
  5. pndTom

    Color of Aged Rum

    120. It's only been aging for 6 mos. Just expected it to be a little further along at this point. Don't want to go to new barrels cause it's not the flavor profile I'm after.
  6. pndTom

    Color of Aged Rum

    I'm aging rum in 15 gallon used bourbon barrels. The spirit flavor profile is very nice at this point but the color of the rum is very light gold. Almost yellow. When I pull this from the barrel and cut it to bottle proof it's going to have even less color. I could add a caramel coloring to achieve a more "aged" look but would prefer to avoid that. Wondering if other's have run into this and if there's a solution for it other then caramel coloring. More time in the barrel? Different barrel? It just doesn't have a very nice appearance as is.
  7. My distillery won't open for a couple months yet but while I'm new to distilling, I've spent my career in accounting and finance. Aging inventory - Should be recorded as inventory at cost. Excise taxes are a liability and should be recorded as such. I've seen a lot of people really screw up their books by doing something that they're not qualified to do. You don't have to have a CPA to do this but it should be someone with formal training.
  8. I have some 20 gallon stainless steel milk can type collection containers. Don't have much invested in them. I found out that they are a 201 grade stainless steel and I'm concerned about picking up off flavors from the low grade stainless steel. Anyone have any experience with this? I'm inclined to get rid of them and buy a higher grade unless someone can tell me that they're ok.
  9. I've been lurking on this forum for quite some time and feel like it's time to dive in. For the past 2 years I have been working through the process of opening a distillery and tasting room here in Green Bay, WI. It all started several years ago with a stop at Siesta Key Rum. A couple of bottles of rum, some thinking time on the beach, and here I am. It's starting to get very real. I have a location and am getting close to starting the permitting process. The one holdup has been financing. Did not think it was going to be this difficult. I'm trying to find a bank to finance the equipment and furnishings. I get the same response from all of the banks I've presented to. "Great business plan, looks like you'll be successful, but we know nothing about distilleries and aren't comfortable enough to put any type of financing together". But I did find an interested financing source this week so hopefully that works out. I'll be financing most of the project myself. Thanks to everyone for all of the information shared here. It has been a huge help to date. I hope that I can pay it back over time with my own contributions. Tom
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