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  1. Thanks for all the advice and feedback! I should have specified... this was the SIP Awards. So while not everyone got an awards, most did. And there were many of the same medal handed out for the in the same category, i.e multiple double gold whiskeys for example. At any rate, our distributor felt that we should use the bottle stickers of the medals. We are just wondering about using it in other sales and marketing materials. I'm still leaning towards using it, but I'm not 100% convinced.
  2. Hi all. Last year we submitted our 5 products to an awards contest and did pretty well. We ended up with some platinum, double golds and even a best of class platinum awards. One of our SKUs though didn't do as well as we had hoped and got a bronze award. One of my partners says we shouldn't mention that in any of the marketing materials or on our website. He feels that if it isn't gold or above that we shouldn't use it. I'm kind of on the fence. I see where he's coming from, but I also think that many will just see a medal and won't necessarily pay attention to what it is. What is everyones opinion on using a bronze medal in marketing your brand? Thanks!
  3. I'll give you a shout at some point this week. Thanks!
  4. Your label is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!
  5. Looks great! Glad to see they can do what we need.
  6. Thanks! I will check them out.
  7. Hi everyone. After a long couple of years, we are finally not far away at all from importing and selling tequila and some liqueurs. We had a quote from a label maker with what was decent prices to us. Unfortunately, when I went back to them just a couple of months later to get our labels printed, they went up in price by over 100%! Needless to say, we won't be using them. We are looking to have some copper foil as well as embossing on the label and maybe even some high build on some areas. Can I get some recommendations on a label supplier/printer?
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