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  1. I think we will start w some classes, a lot of reading and the work backwards - probably the first question to answer will be does our local municipality want distilling on a farm?
  2. All good advice. We have buildings, great water, a cooperative County, interested local producers. Any classes/courses in Canada in particular you would recommend?
  3. Thanks gentlemen. I’m an orthopaedic surgeon and 55. I’m sooo ready to get out of medicine and stay far far away from it. Hopefully to do something I actually enjoy for a few years. 60 was my target date and my goal had been to find something I can enjoy doing for retirement rather than dwindle. Distilling has been a kind interest but I understand the business has almost nothing to do w my current skills. The farm is a place we’ve worked on for 15 y and we are looking for ways to make it work to a greater extent for us thanks again mark
  4. Thanks so much for your thoughts. Honestly after hearing back from a few of you I think this isn’t the business for me. I’m not a hustle guy, I don’t like competition. I’d rather do something well for my satisfaction. At this point in my life it seems a venture I should not take. Cheers
  5. I am eyes very wide open. Perhaps i would be better off to find a place to work at rather than try and be my own guy. I’’m getting wise to myself - age is a tough teacher - the idea seems great however I think my level of understanding of what is required is not even close enough to being able to think about it properly. I guess that’s why I’m here
  6. Thanks for the site. We have a farm and as I get closer to retirement I keep thinking that distilling using local products is something I would be interested in doing. It might be hair brained and I hope to find that out soon enough too if true. I have 5 y before retirement to figure that next career out
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