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  1. Waly

    Ventillation system

    I'm working know with a mechanical architect. Thanks for let me know about the code review in this forum. The main reason of this forum is ask to receive help.
  2. Waly

    Ventillation system

    Wow. I think is good idea talk with the architect and a HVAC. I have two windows in the room plus is a open space. Thanks for your comment.
  3. Any recommendations for ventillation system, pictures and what I have to buy. I going to have a really small operation with two 26 gallon pot still to make just rum.
  4. Hi I'm planning to use two 26 gallon electric pot stills from hillbillystills. I call them but the don't provide any documentation and he code officials want this: that happen to someone, what I can do? Submitted documentation needs to include equipment specifications/cutsheets (including the still itself) demonstrating its ability to operate inside any of the classifications declared. ( my classification is F-1 )
  5. Thank you for the information
  6. The ABV in the fermenters is going to be between 12% and 14% no more than that.
  7. 2 hours rated assembly wall between fermenters and stills.
  8. Bluestar My architect show is F-1 but the building code says is H-3 designation becausehe is confuse. Do you know if I can have the fermenters in the distillation room. I going to make rum only. Code asking for 2 hour rated assembly wall.
  9. Hi The fermenters counts for a MAQ ( 120 gallons for my building) I havec4 fermenters of 52 gallons and two 26 gallons stills. The code official says I have 260 gallons. Someone can let me know about this.
  10. Hi I'm on the way to open a nano distillery of rum ( puertorrican ilegal rum style) . I going to use two pot stills 26 gallons ( electric ) do you think I need a ventillation system? If I need any recomendations please
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