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  1. Paul, no plates in the column atop the 150 gal. spirit still., just a dephlegmator. Next column consists of 11 bubble plates with a drainback,( to the still), pot at the base. Third column consists of 8 bubble plates with a drainback ,( to the still), pot at the base and a dephiegmator at the top. Last column is only the condenser and parrot. We by pass the bubble plate columns,(2 & 3) when making whisky. Through the columns (with 25% low wines in the still) we are barely getting 91-94%ABV. Any suggestions. Thanks Jim
  2. Paul, this is jim , I have brought from you in the past (tube in shell cooler) works great. Susan has sent me info on your 800 gal. stripper still but am unsure if maybe a 600 gal. would work better,(limited by steam boiler size) Presently separating grain and liquid out of the mash tun, but considering do all on the grain, can dispose of spent grain and liquid on my farm distillery. My stripper still is not worth converting to on the grain. I should talk to you ,several moving parts. Also in reference to multi plate columns was wondering why I have trouble hitting 95%ABV on the spirit still. .
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