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  1. have a whole pallet of xantham gum for sale , shoot me a message.
  2. Do any of you use back set from your other cooks or just sour mash ? Like if i ran off some agave spirit, and kept some back set for the next batch. I guess i havent thought about using any other back set accept for our sour mash whiskey.but if i wanted to control my envirenment and add some flavor ?
  3. Looking for a good suplier of bulk blue agave. i have run a series of test batches , and am confident to run a big batch . looking for a quality blue agave, that doesnt break the bank. 275 gallon totes is what i would like to purchase.
  4. SteelB


    i wish i knew more about vaccum distilation, I am familiar with what your talking about i have never done it.
  5. SteelB


    Thanks guys some things to consider.
  6. SteelB


    I would prefer a natural flavor
  7. SteelB


    On the east coast , Western NY, looking for a good barrel supplier.
  8. SteelB


    Not exactly a whisky topic per say . but i am working on a cherry flavored whisky. Im having a hard time getting a good cherry flavor. i can get a decent cherry flavor, but then i get kind of a cough syrup cherry finish. So im not sure if thats just a natural occurance with the combination of cherry and aged corn whisky. the other flavor i have been playing with is rootbeer flavored whisky. i seem to get a " fake" finish. Does anyone do a cherry or rootbeer flavored whisky? just curious as the direction you went on trying to achive a nice finish without that cough syrup or coolaid
  9. can i go a bit further, i did try to submit for a flavored whisky, which was our aged whisky that we added a flavoring to.they kicked it back and referenced 27 cfr 5.22 nothing more specific. it was kicked back for having to high of synthetic vanillans? my question is can it have any artificial flavoring, or can it only be at a certain percentage say 2 1.2 5% total.it really isnt very specific in what they gave me to reference.
  10. looking for a good source for 1 litre glass bottles. Nothin fancy.
  11. So if say 12lbs is full throttle on the steam. If ran at say 8 or 9 lbs.keep the dephleg cool until all the plates in the column are in reflux. Then adjusting the temp up in the dephleg until you get enough concentration of alcohol to pass through the dephlag to reach the main condenser, and you have product flow. Is this correct? If so is there a recommended temp at which to balance this . Let's say dephleg temp 173 and column temp 185? Then kettle temp will naturally rise through the run. I'm guessing the cooler the dephleg the higher the proof in the parrot? So adjusting dephleg to ke
  12. As i set out i wanted to make a Genever Style Gin. I was told by the TTB that what i was doing was gin not Genever. I argued and argued and they finally told me that i could put genever on the label, but it was going to be a DSS Therefore Gin could not appear on the label. So as i submitted the COLA i had the opposite problem. I was then Being told by these fine folks was that Gin needed to be on the label, and i said could you put that in writing....... so yeah it appears that interperatation is everything. As i did the research i did read of the old genever , it was whiskey running thro
  13. it would seem it matters which agent gets your stuff, as interperataion
  14. we are looking for a combination mash ton stripping still 1000 Gal.with heating jackets ( steam ) and cooling jackets. im ucrrently running a 500 gallon copper steam fired rig.problem is we mash, ferment, and distill in that rig.Problem is cooling it down to pitch yeast. i have been dumping in 5 barrels of ice to rapidly cool it down. the problem i was having was we used to let it sit over night then use ice and water to get it to pitch temp. except we also have a brewery in the same building ( we are separated by a half wall ) they make sours over there and use lacto bacsillus to sour the beer. now i have l that and who knows what other strains of yeast and foe running rampant in my building. if i let it stand to long lacto gets a hold before the yeast and i have lost a few ferments top lacto.


  15. didnt see any pics but if you PM me i can give you my email addy and we can get it moving forward, because hauling 6 barrels of ice up a ladder every week is getting old lol
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