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  1. I am offering a hands on whiskey distilling class at the The Schenectady Distilling Company. It is a 3 day class scheduled for January 16, January 23, and January 30. Each day will focus on a specific part of the distilling process. Day one Mashing and fermentation, Day 2 stripping run, and Day 3 Finishing run. In between the time spent on production we will go over all the other systems in the distillery as well as other topics including Licensing, labeling, bottling, TTB reporting, NYS reporting, safety, aging, etc. Presently, I'm an instructor for SUNY SCCC for Craft Spirit Production
  2. I'd available if needed. I own Schenectady Distilling Co. in NY and I also teach Craft Distilling at SUNY. We have been licensed for almost 3 years now and have gone thru all the growing pains. I am also not that far from you. Give me a call or text. 518-225-3909 Thanks Ken Gibbons.
  3. As a SUNY instructor in craft distilling I realized I have a lot to offer anyone interested in learning more about distilling and/or starting a distillery. If anyone is interested in learning how to distill or have interest in starting a distillery I would be happy to assist, educate, and consult. We have gone thru everything, purchasing the building, sourcing the equipment, equipment installation, distillery set up, product development, TTB issues, proofing, bottling and Insurance issues and continue to learn valuable lessons that new distillers need to know. Rates are dependent on your ne
  4. Are you still looking for NY barreled bourbon. I may have some. I also have extra capacity if you are looking for some to be produced.
  5. Our New York State Farm Distillery facility has excess production capacity and we would be more than willing to help another distillery or a future distillery produce spirits at a reasonable cost. We have an 800 gallon mash tun and a 300 gallon column whiskey still and can produce somewhere around 80-100 proof gallons of spirits per batch. One or two batches can really kick start your production process. We can also age the spirits on site. Your also welcome to participate and oversee the distilling process or leave the whole process up to us. Please contact us for more information. Send
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